Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance: “Ricksy Business”
Voice Actor: Maurice LaMarche

Abradolf Lincler is a conflicted man. Created by Rick using the DNA of Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler to craft a morally neutral leader, he’s torn between equality among men and the exact opposite. In reality, all Rick got was a crazed maniac who thrashes about and takes his anger out on anyone. Abradolf has it out for his creator and he’ll do whatever he can to get his attention.

In “Ricksy Business”, Abradolf literally crashes the party Rick and Summer are hosting in order to confront the mad scientist. Very quickly, he gets into a brawl with Brad, though not of his intent.

Abradolf Lincler sits out for a while until Rick catches him at a convenient moment. When the entire Smith household is accidentally transported to another world, Morty is tasked to collect Collaxion Crystals. Killing two birds with one stone, Rick dumps Abradolf Lincler on him to aid the teen on his quest. Lincler proves to be useful against the vicious alien creatures roaming the planet, serving as the team’s muscle. Unfortunately his injuries would be too much. Before he dies, Lincler tells Morty to send a message to his dear ol’ dad: he apologizes for acting out; Abradolf merely wanted his love and he hoped this last act would redeem him in Rick’s eyes. When Morty tearfully relays all this to Rick, the latter casually responds by getting high.

The after-credit of “Ricksy Business” reveals Lincler isn’t dead, but he’s not exactly in a good place either, being passed back and forth by a bunch of large tentacled aliens in their weird little game.

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