STATUS: Main Character
VOICE ACTOR: Michaela Dietz

Amethyst’s philosophy is simple: Life is a party. As typical of the youngest Gem, Amethyst is loud, brash, and messy. While she’s prone to pranks and jokes, she doesn’t purposely create chaos as much as she embraces it or apathetically sit aside and watch it unfold. She is the definition of “Act now, think never.” As long as no one is really hurt, Amethyst strives to have as much fun as possible, even if this frustrates Pearl. Especially if this frustrates Pearl. While Garnet and Pearl serve as honorary aunts to Steven, Amethyst is more of the cool, older sister. Thus she gets along with his childish enthusiasm much quicker and takes to Earth culture relatively easily compared to her older Gem partners (such as leisurely sleeping and eating even though it’s not required for Gems to do so.)

Amethyst is unique among the Crystal Gems. Like Steven, she was born on Earth. Over 6,000 years ago, the Homeworld Gems took a claim on the planet for their own, uncaring for the inhabitants that made up the place. There they installed numerous kindergarten stations so new Gems could be created. Amethyst is specifically a Quartz type, born and bred to be cannon fodder warriors for the Gem cause. Amethyst came out a bit “overcooked” though, causing her to be shorter than the average Quartz. Once she found out, her confidence took a noticeable dip.

Amethyst’s external expression serves as an outlet to compensate for her insecurities. She often feels misunderstood and at worst, ashamed of herself, so acts out or feign unconcern to cover her personal weaknesses, only ever getting serious when it matters. She tries so hard to be strong that when it hits her hard – both literally and metaphorically – Amethyst takes it bad. All that confidence that made Amethyst so great can disappear in an instance whenever she is reminded that she is “stunted”, even from her own teammates, however unintended their comments may have been.

Fortunately, she’s surrounded by good friends and family who care for her regardless of who she is and ultimately understand her misfit status, knowing she is strong in spite and because of it. Amethyst only grows more secure with herself as time goes on. She wises up a bit, but never loses the edge that makes her the wild powerhouse that she is.

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