Status: Secondary Character
First Appearance: “Ricksy Business”
Voice Actor: Dan Harmon

For reasons unknown, Birdperson is Rick’s best friend and staunchest supporter. You wouldn’t know it from looking at the guy. Birdperson is stoic and wise, constantly dishing out advice and words of support; the complete opposite of the rowdy, careless Rick.

What little we know of their time together is that they shared a past, specifically as members of a rebellion dedicated to stopping the Galactic Federation. Perhaps Rick’s time as a freedom fighter opened the old man’s vulnerabilities that only his closest friends saw. Maybe Birdperson knows something about Rick that no one else does. He could have been something more to Birdperson at one point – after all, Rick saved his life to which he is eternally grateful – but it says something that Rick, of all people, trusts him unconditionally.

Whenever Birdperson bumps into Morty, often when the teen is at his wits with his grandfather, he would steadfastly remind him of his choices: side with Rick or walk out. It’s pretty clear which path Birdperson takes since he sympathizes with Rick’s sad life. Birdperson may be his loyal companion, but Morty can be there for Rick during his lowest point.

Birdperson makes his first appearance in the season one finale “Ricksy Business” when he is invited to Rick’s party. Birdperson had been struggling during his mating sessions, so Rick urged him to get a girl. Summer’s friend, Tammy, approached Birdperson during the shindig and seduced him. Though he warned her he wasn’t looking for anything serious, the two hooked up. It was more than enough for Tammy to live with Birdperson as his eventual girlfriend.

Tragically, Birdperson’s life met its possible end in the season two finale “The Wedding Squanchers.” Birdperson invited his friends and the Smith family to his wedding with Tammy. Despite Rick’s inital reluctance (and possible jealously) to see his best friend getting hitched, the wedding proceeds smoothly. Then Tammy reveals herself to be a spy for the Galactic Federation. The celebration was a ruse to lure all of Birdperson’s allies and thus, members of the rebellion, to be arrested. Unfortunately Birdperson was a possible casuality during the battle.

Birdperson holds the key to many of Rick’s past, ones we may never get an easy answer to now. He brought out the best in Rick and the old man will be poorer without him.

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