Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance: “Auto Erotic Assimiliation”
Voice: John Kassir

Sometimes you play an unfortunate role in Rick and Morty, other times you’re an unfortunate bystander. Blim Blam is a little of both.

Another marital argument between Jerry and Beth brings up the subject of Rick yet again. Beth has always supported her father, doing whatever she can to keep him close after he abandoned her years ago. Jerry refuses to put up with Rick’s shenanigans and it comes to another head when he discovers a secret basement lab underneath their garage.

Further exploration reveals an imprisoned slug-like alien. Jerry is furious, thinking Rick harbored a killer creature underneath his own home. Beth tries to justify her father’s actions; maybe Rick is trying to help the poor creature. In no time, the two are bickering again. This drives the alien insane and with sheer force, he breaks out of his chains and reaches for a device the Smiths take for a weapon. Luckily, it’s a translator so the alien could speak English. He calls himself Blim Blam and he came down to Earth to murder human babies. He also suffers from “space AIDs” of which Rick kept him here so that he may find a cure and profit off it. Jerry and Beth were both right, but that’s the only good news to take from this scenario; Blim Blam then chews out the couple for blaming Rick. He finds it laughable because it’s clear the problem is their own insecurities and the impact it has on their crummy marriage. Once he’s done, Blim-Blam hightails it out of here, so offended to even stay on Earth or get a cure for his illness.

Try to explain that to a marriage counselor!

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