Status: Tertiary Character
First Appearance: “Rick Potion No. 9”
Voice Actor: Echo Kellum

Brad is your standard sports-obsessed, high school bully. He has no guff taking it out on unpopular kids and acting like an aggressive show-off. Being a member of the school’s sports team means he gets special treatment from the faculty. To add insult to injury, he’s dating Jessica. Why a sweet girl like her chose to date him can only be explained through ignorance of his greater personality or the more likely, plot obstacle for Morty to break through to obtain his lady love.

Indeed, Brad is all muscle and little else. Just about anything seems to trigger him: Morty trying to make a move on Jessica; he lets it rip. Spotting the same boy flirting with his girlfriend at the dance; time to break out the gloves. Accidentally shoved by a hybrid Abraham Lincoln/Adolf Hitler clone created by Rick; oh, you’re going down. Justifed or not, Brad will find any excuse to get into a verbal and physical tiff.

He first appears in “Rick Potion No. 9” as Morty’s biggest wall between him and Jessica. Though she’s already taken, Morty tries to win her heart using an ill-defined love potion that works just a little too well. While Morty gets Jessica, he gets everyone else, too, including Brad.

Brad later appears as an invitee to Summer and Rick’s party in “Ricksy Business” with Jessica in hand. Getting into a fight with Abradolf Linclor is what finally gets Jessica to realize her boyfriend is nothing but an pugnacious pig who only wants to prove how strong he is. Given Brad’s callous and often insulting treatment of his ex, chances are he doesn’t care what her decision is.

About the only comfort one can take is that Brad will outgrow his fragile ego. After all, once high school ends, his glory days will be behind him.

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