STATUS: Main Character
FIRST APPEARANCE: “Bubble Buddies”
VOICE ACTOR: Grace Rolek

Connie’s story is a familiar one most can relate to: she started off as a shy and nerdy girl who kept herself company through books and imagination. Her parents moved around frequently and coupled with her reserved nature, she never made any friends. Her strict parents – notably her mother, Priyanka – expected much from her, filling her life with intensive studying sessions and violin lessons.

Steven noticed her during a parade. When Connie accidentally dropped her bracelet, Steven kept it until he gained the courage to talk to her. Though he succeeded in starting a conversation, it was after he accidentally trapped the both of them inside his bubble. It took some effort for Steven to free them, but this afforded the two a chance to get to know each other. There Steven bore witnessed to Connie’s fear, one where she hated being alone and wished for someone to be her friend and remember her besides her own parents. Steven told her he’d be her friend.

And thus, Connie’s life changed forever.

Slowly, Connie integrated herself into Steven’s world, a fantastical realm of epic adventures and magic powers she only dreamed off or lived vicariously through her books. Though she initially started off as a starry-eyed child who wanted to escape her boring life, this eventually worked to her benefit. Steven’s oftentimes dangerous missions has brought Connie’s talents to the forefront; her cleverness has gotten them out of a numerous jams. After she asked Pearl to train her, Connie proved proficient with a sword, enough to take down a couple of Corrupted Gems or hold her own against other Gemkinds. Not bad for a regular human! It took a while before she confessed to her parents of her secret life due to the Maheswarans’ unrealistically hard demands from their daughter. Thankfully, they understood that they were stifling her and loosened up as long as Connie kept them posted of her activities.

Connie has since gained confidence in herself. She is expressively nerdy, using her savvy nature of fictional literature as well as intelligence to cook up plans or help the more impulsive Steven. The two make a compatible team, enough that she became the first person Steven fused with, transforming them into Stevonnie. Connie has always been a reliable person and takes her missions seriously, though she often treats it as though she was a chosen hero straight out of her novels. Through hard work and encouragement from her friends, Connie has become the person she’s always wanted to be and has more than earned her position within the Crystal Gems.

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