STATUS: One-shot character
First Appearance: “The Rickshank Rickdemption”
Voice Actor: Nathan Fillion

Cornvelious Daniel is a member of the Galactic Federation tasked with a nigh-impossible job: outsmart Rick into exposing the formula for interdimensional traveling. He’s got his work cut out for him, but Cornvelious is nothing but tenacious. He certainly has the charisma and the fancy speeches to trick any man under his insectoid feet.

Using the Brainalyzer to warp his own mind into Rick’s, Cornvelious’s plan is straightforward: he tells Rick the latter is going to die when all this is over, so he might as well fish over the formula. After all, Rick is incredibly intelligent, there’s no use trying to hide what he’s attempting. Cornvelious does take advantage of Rick’s current sordid affair, making it easier for the man to dive into his origins as a humble scientist who would go on to create a life-changing invention. And szechuan sauce.

Cornvelious successfully nabs the formula when Rick reveals it, unaware until the last minute that it was a virus Rick made so he could take over the Brainalyzer. With it, Rick transported his mind into Cornvelious’ body and began his vengeance to end both the Galactic Federation and the Citadel of Rick. Cornvelious presumably met with a terrible fate, trapped in Rick’s mind, likely killed during the aftermath. He thought he had Rick in the bag, but he got cocky. Who could really afford to trick the smartest man in the universe?

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