Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance: “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind”
Voice Actor: Justin Roiland

No matter what dimension a Rick is from, there is always a constant. Ricks are callous, cantankerous jerks. They’re brilliant mad scientists who tug their Mortys around as they travel through the depths of time and space getting into terrible shenanigans. They don’t care who they hurt and if they do, they push all their problems away with booze and denial.

With all the known Ricks of varying alternate realms lounging around, there is one malcontent they hate above all. No, not our Rick. He may be the target of the Council of Ricks for being a rebel, but there is one other Rick that no one can stand. He’s declared the “worst Rick of them all.”

Doofus Rick.

Doofus Rick is a lone saint among the others; never married (thus no Morty of his own), but with a heart three times stronger than your average Rick. Doofus Rick is both an accurate nickname and an oxymoron. He’s nowhere near as ambitious or intelligent as the other Ricks, but he’s certainly a genius compared to the average human. Unlike the Ricks, Doofus Rick uses his inventions for good, like making oven-less brownies.

His crowning achievement is being an emotional support for Jerry. When our Rick and Morty (of dimension C-137) were on the run from the Council of Ricks, Doofus Rick and a bunch of Rick Soldiers infiltrated the Smith house to track them down. There Doofus Rick bonded with Jerry, sympathizing over the lack of respect the man gets. The two have both been teased all their lives and find comfort in each other as a result. It is a truly heartbreaking moment when Doofus Rick has to depart once the mission is over. However, he proceeds to give Jerry one final good-bye from a distance.

We don’t talk about his habit of eating poop though.

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