Status: One-shot Character
First Appearance: “Pickle Rick”
Voice Actor: Susan Sarandon

When Morty was caught peeing in class and Summer huffing pottery glaze, the two were issued a recommendation from the school for a counseling session with the entire family. Beth begrudgingly – and very bitterly – took her offsprings to see Dr. Wong. Notably absent was Rick who just so happened to transfer his mind into a pickle that day. He definitely did this for the sole purpose of science; it had absolutely nothing to do with wanting to avoid therapy session, no, siree.

Dr. Wong proved to be a competent, patient, and perceptive woman. Her calming voice and gentle lack of judgment meant both Morty and Summer easily gravitated towards her. Beth was less than receptive, refusing to admit to her faults and pinning all the blame on her children. Rick, still a pickle, later joined the session and admitted his poor excuse of an experiment was to avoid this event in the first place. In a crowning moment of achievement, Dr. Wong patiently and without pause, correctly analyzed Rick’s issues, unfazed and nonjudgmental of this man’s avoidance as well as his current condition as a pickle.

Though Morty and Summer wished to reschedule with Dr. Wong, Beth and Rick took this opportunity to bond with each other even though they were ignoring their pleas for help. Still, props must be given to Dr. Wong for breaking down and completely owning Rick without so much as breaking a sweat.

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