Status: One-Shot Characters
First Appearance: “Anatomy Park”
Voice Actor: John Oliver (Dr. Xenon Bloom), Gary Anthony Williams (Poncho), Jess Harnell (Roger), Jackie Buscarino (Annie)

Dr. Xenon Bloom is an anthromorphic white blood cell inhabiting a hobo named Ruben. He and Rick had been collaberating on an amusement park inside Ruben’s body. The project, Anatomy Park, is a Jurassic Park-like theme attraction armed to the teeth with various diseases and human body functions for show.

Dr. Xenon Bloom’s group comprise of:

Poncho – A buff man in charge of security. He is extremely trigger-happy.

Roger – His profession is unknown, but his clothing seem to indicate a possible zoo keeper.

Annie – An attractive teenage girl whom Morty has a crush on.

Something goes awry, so Rick shrinks Morty and injects him inside Ruben to find the problem. After meeting Dr. Xenon, they find out Anatomy Park has been sabotaged. On top of that, Ruben passes away, meaning his body is slowly starting to decay.

After a bit of sleuthing, Morty targets the culprit: Poncho! Poncho admits his crime, resentful of Dr. Xenon’s mistreatment of his employees. He’s also stolen Bubonic Plague because he intents to sell it at the black market. Poncho holds Annie hostage in a bid to escape, but Morty tackles him, causing the man to fall to his death.

The team reach the Schincter Dam where a machine can unshrink them. Unfortunately the dam bursts, forcing the team to abandon it and run to safety. Roger’s foot gets stuck on the machine though, killing him.

The surviving crew board the Bone Train, though Dr. Xenon stays behind to operate it manually. By the time he realizes there had always been an automatic system, a group of E. Coli kills him.

Morty and Annie remain the only survivors of Anatomy Park. Rick rescues the two, but he’s upset the project failed. Annie steps in, saying she studied under Dr. Xenon. With her knowledge, they can create a better, safer park. Enthusiastic, Rick shrinks Annie, leaving a frustrated Morty behind.

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