Status: Reoccurring Character
First Appearance: “Anatomy Park”
Voice Actor: Daniel Benson

Unlike Morty, Summer had better success with her love life, having dated Ethan before his first appearance in “Anatomy Park.” It isn’t without its complications, though.

Ethan barges into the Smith family, angry she hasn’t texted recently. Summer retorts, saying her father took her cellphone away in order to celebrate Christmas as a family, but it’s not enough to placate her boyfriend. The two teens get into a bitter argument until Jacob steps in.

Jacob uses calming psychology to get to the root of Ethan’s anger. He resists at first, but eventually confesses his insecurities. His older brother took him aside one day and “made him feel like a girl.” Having bypassed a major breakthrough, Ethan makes up with Summer after.

Ethan later played host to Rick’s second attempt at building Anatomy Park. Whether it fell through or succeeded is debatable.

His only other appearance was in “Get Schwifty” where he and Summer were still dating. A latter episode potentially indicates it didn’t last as Summer pines for another boy. High School romance can be fleeting.

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