Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance: “Mortynight Run”
Voice Actor: Jemaine Clement

To prove the universe is still a glass half full, Morty tried to stop the notorious assassin, Krombopulos Michael, from killing his next target with a specific gun Rick created. Flying straight into Galactic Federation territory, Morty discovers an otherworldly gaseous cloud who Michael was sent to kill. The interdimensional creature accidentally ended up in Morty’s world and was subsequently captured by the space government. With no need for an Earthly identity, a serene sense of self, and telepathic abilities, the cloud takes on the name “Fart” after hearing Rick spout the word.

After Morty accidentally kills Michael, the Galactic Federation gangs up on him, Fart, and Rick. Though the latter doesn’t want any involvement with the government, his hand are tied and he’s forced to escape with his grandson and Fart. They hide out in Gearhead’s base where Fart reveals why it is so valued: it has the ability to alter compositions of the atom, demonstrated when it produces gold. Before they could process this information, Gearhead rats out Rick and Morty to both the cops and the Federation.

Fortunately Fart plays a massive part in their escape, using its telepathic abilities to take over a cop’s mind and reveal his wife has been cheating on him. The tearful cop creates a domino reaction that causes untold damage to the city and any people nearby. Morty is horrified that Fart would casually kill hundreds just to escape, but remains steadfast until they reach the wormhole from whence it came.

Morty can only draw the line so far. Unfortunately Fart reveals his plan to eradicate all carbon-based lifeforms because he and his species view them as a disease. Saddened, Morty asks Fart to sing him a telepathic song to comfort him in their last moments. Fart does, distracting him long enough for Morty to kill him with Michael’s gun.

Morty tried to prove that doing the right thing was its own reward, but reality rears its ugly head once again, proving Rick’s point.

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