Status: One-Shot Characters
First Appearance: “A Rickle in Time”
Voice Actor: Keegan-Michael Key (as the first creature), Jordan Peele (as the second one)

For six months, Rick kept the entire universe frozen so he and his grandkids could avoid Beth and Jerry’s wrath for having hosted a party against their wishes. Rick, Morty, and Summer cleaned up the house during the time and spent half a year goofing off before they decided to restore everything back to normal.

Too bad it came with a price.

Because the main three had been out of time for so long, they’re not in sync. An argument between Morty and Summer causes the fourth dimension to literally split their world into two separate realms. Rick tries to fix the mess, but it only gets worse. Luckily someone who has a firm understanding of the fourth dimension saves the day: the unfortunately grotesque looking Fourth Dimensional Being. He manages to fix reality by giving the three humans time collars that would automatically sync them up. Everything seems kosher, but the Fourth Dimensional Being then arrest them for messing with the time flow. Rick counters back and subsequently screws up reality again, though he eventually fixes it for good.

The Fourth Dimension Being returns with another one of his kind to travel to what they assume is Rick’s time period. There they beat up a scientist who they think is Rick, vowing vengeance for his earlier beatdown and for messing with time. Little did they know who they had actually assaulted: Albert Einstein. Bruised, but determined, Einstein vows he will mess with time and jots down his infamous E=MC2 formula.

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