Garnet is the stoic leader of the Crystal Gems. She’s the team’s strongest member and equally as unbreakable mentally. Garnet expresses herself through quiet, nonverbal gestures, silently observing her surroundings before making a sound decision. This is further enhanced by her future vision, a power that allows her to see multiple paths ahead of time, allowing her to act accordingly and make the best judgment. She’s the meditative middle woman between Pearl’s cautious nature and Amethyst’s wild side, and a stern guardian to Steven whilst encouraging the boy’s gut instincts. In spite of that, Garnet’s frequent solution is to smash her way through. Her aloof nature means she keeps much of herself from others, not because she isn’t expressive, Garnet simply says what she needs to say and leaves it at that. Most don’t even know who she really is: a product of love.

6,000+ years ago, the Gem Homeworld had a grip on Earth. Under the leadership of Blue Diamond, a rare noble Sapphire worked as her personal seer. It was she who predicted the end of the Crystal Gem rebellion, then lead by Rose Quartz. Sapphire made casual talk with one of the common Ruby guardians before the event, a chance encounter that would affect the future in ways even Sapphire could not have foreseen. Indeed, when the Crystal Gems attacked, Ruby dove in to protect Sapphire, accidentally fusing the two into a new being: Garnet. This was definitely not in Sapphire’s vision. Everyone in Homeworld was repulsed at the idea of two different gem types fusing. Blue Diamond was insulted that a mere commoner Ruby fused with her Sapphire and would have crushed her gem if not for the latter’s interference. Sapphire saves Ruby and the two leap down to Earth where they hid for an inordinate amount of time. During their seclusion, they fell in love and fused to become Garnet again. They joined the Crystal Gems once the team accepted her unconditionally.

All of this serves as both a motivation and a barrier for some of the deep secrets Garnet has carried over the years. Being calm and able to predict multiple paths means she has an idea on how to potentially handle a situation. Unfortunately she’s kept a lot of dark secrets due to her quiet nature and the consequences when unleashed have been devastating, to say the least.

The pressures of leadership seem to be getting to Garnet lately. Teammates start showing signs of distress that challenges her to keep the Crystal Gems together and Steven is starting to learn his once beloved mother may have a few skeletons in her closet. Garnet is currently at a crossroad on whether to open up more or keep it bottled in. On the plus side, Garnet’s stoicism has slowly unraveled over the course of the show. She’s started to express herself beyond the sturdy rock-like personality she exhibits. Garnet can be surprisingly jovial when she sees something she likes, particularly fusion. Perhaps Steven’s enthusiasm has gotten to her. Either way, Garnet is a capable leader and competent guardian.

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