Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance: “Get Schwifty”
Voice: Kurtwood Smith

General Nathan is a walking cliché, encompassing the Antagonistic Military Leader type. When a giant alien head – a Cromulon – approaches Earth, Nathan suggest they blow up the invader. Cooler heads prevail when Rick informs the President of the Cromulon’s true intent: impress them with a hit pop song. The President sides with Rick (partially because he witnessed the mad man turning people into snakes) and proceeds to give him whatever equipment he needs to save the planet. Rick and Morty perform the song, but that only gets them through round one. The Cromulon warps Earth to their dimension where they must compete against other planets by performing another hit song or risk getting blown up.

Rick keeps procrastinating and eventually drives Morty away, but the President believes they will both pull through. General Nathan has had enough though; he threatens the President, then pistol-whips him unconscious. If the leader of the free country isn’t going to do anything but rely on an old scientist and his awkward grandson, then he’s going to act.

Nathan launches missiles at the Cromulons, but they barely make a blip on the aliens. This angers the Cromulons and if not for Rick and Morty singing another hit song, Earth would have been nothing but space dust by now. Frustrated at Rick, Nathan tries to kill the latter only for Rick to evaporate him. Nathan tried, but he had the misfortune of being a normal guy who couldn’t adjust to the abnormal world of Rick and Morty.

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