Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance: “Big Trouble in Little Sanchez”
Voice: Jim Rash

If your marriage is in trouble and you want to work it out, forget about those boring Earth counselors; what do they know? If you have access to a spaceship, then head on over to Nuptia 4, the galaxy’s most successful couple’s counseling institution known to alienkind. Headed by counselor Glexo Slim Slom, the building has state-of-the-art technology to solve your martial woes.

Glexo is a highly respected and well-educated counselor. He doesn’t just sit couples down so they can hash out their issues, he goes one step further. Analyzing a couple’s brains, he uses a machine to create a biological, artificial representation of what their respective partners truly see in each other. For example: Beth thinks her husband is a lowly, pathetic coward, so she envisions him as a literal worm. Jerry thinks his wife is egotistical and bossy, hence a monstrous scorpion creature. Glexo is very clear how toxic their married life is through this method, but unlike the monsters that represent them, the genuine pair have a shot of talking things through.

Glexo is proven wrong though when the Beth and Jerry figment ends up co-dependent with each other. Monster Beth works with Worm Jerry to escape their cell and rain havoc all over Nuptia 4, her ultimate goal to rule the universe. Unfortunately this was not on the counseling training, so Glexo doesn’t even try to fix the issue. Though he’s likely seen hundreds of strained marriages, even he has limits. And apparently those limits means yelling at the Smiths, saying their marriage is the worst thing he’s ever seen, and how they never should have gotten together in the first place. Glexo then proceeds to abandon them to their fates by boarding the last escape ship.

Jerry and Beth succinctly put it best, “Well, this is just bad couple’s therapy.”

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