Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance: “Get Schwifty”
Voice: Dan Harmon

When a Cromulon alien demands Earth to perform a hit pop song or risk getting blown up, the President orders any musicians they can find to Area 51 to fulfill its request. Unfortunately the ecological damage the Cromulon caused earlier managed to hit the Grammy Awards Ceremony, killing everyone inside. Only one survived: Ice-T.

Ice-T is transported to Area 51 to help Rick and Morty create a second hit song for Round Two of the competition. Annoyingly, all Rick and Ice-T does is goof around, causing Morty to run out on them. Rick is unable to create a song without his grandson and demands Ice-T get off his butt, start giving a crap, and assist him. Ice-T doesn’t care though because he can easily jettison off-world. Ice-T then reveals his true form as an alien from the planet Alphabetium. As punishment for not caring enough, the Alphabetium council transformed him into a frozen block of ice. It’s a lesson that has yet to sink in as Ice-T leaves Earth to its fate afterwards.

Though Rick and Morty reunite, they are too late to stop General Nathan from retaliating against the Cromulons. This is enough to disqualify Earth. The Cromulons activate the plasma ray, but something blocks its path at the last minute. It’s Ice-T, who is using his entire body to shield the blast from striking Earth. He came back because Rick’s words have gotten through to him and he cares now. This gives the titular duo enough time to perform a hit song, sparing the planet from destruction.

Ice-T eventually returns to his home planet and repents for his sins. The council – one of whom is his father – forgives him and restores him to his true form as Water-T. Unfortunately the Numbericons invade their homeworld, killing his father in the process. Water-T breaks out his guns and swears vengeance.

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