Status: One-shot character
First Appearance: “Pickle Rick”
Voice Actor: Danny Trejo

Whatever Jaguar’s criminal records may have been, it was enough for the Russian government to take notice and imprison him in one of their strongholds. There he remained until Rick – then in pickle form – accidentally intruded onto their base and started killing agents to get out. The Agency Director in charge took desperate measure and struck a deal with Jaguar: the assassination of Pickle Rick in exchange for his daughter, Katarina’s freedom.

Jaguar proved to be a formidable foe for Rick and in the short time they battled, the two came to respect each other. He immediately empathized with Rick since he, too had a colorful history and a complicated relationship with his daughter. Jaguar quickly found out Katarina had been killed by the Russian government though, causing him to secretly team up with Rick instead and destroy everyone inside the building. Now freed to wander about, Jaguar left Rick with some parting advice concerning him and Beth.

The next time Rick reunited with Jaguar, he and Morty were captured by the musical madman, Concerto. They were almost killed by his perilous piano playing until Jaguar came out of nowhere and slit Concerto’s throat.

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