Status: Main Character
First Appearance: “Pilot”
Voice Actor: Chris Parnell

Brave. Smart. Handsome. Charismatic. These are not words to describe Jerry Smith, though he wish they could.

It’s hard to say when Jerry’s problems began, but it definitely hit rock bottom when he impregnated his high school girlfriend Beth. Choosing to keep their daughter, Summer, Jerry and Beth made something of a life with each other. However, they’re both constantly struggling to find the closure they desperately want.

Jerry is a horrible ads salesman unhelped by his general inaptitude and lack of grace. He dreams of a better life, one where his masculinity isn’t under constant threat and his family respects him both as a husband and father. He constantly seeks out any validation and sense of self-worth, often losing his dignity in the process. Jerry is fully aware of how pathetic he is. His wife constantly puts him down, causing him to counter her superiority complex with passive-aggressive remarks about her job. Yet he would be devastated without her, so he constantly finds ways to keep their marriage solid. His cowardly attitude means he’s an easy target for Rick to make fun off, though getting Beth pregnant during their teen years likely didn’t endear him any further with the old man. Needless to say, Rick is an unwelcome parasite in Jerry’s home.

It’s only when he’s desperate or prompt that Jerry channels his inner courage. He’s proven to be capable, but gets very little opportunities to show it off. Until he finds satisfaction with his life, Jerry will always remind a loser.

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