Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance: “Mortynight Run”
Voice Actor: Andy Daly

Kromboupulos Michael is a swell guy: he’s friendly, affectionate, and kind. He appeared in “Mortynight Run” as a client of Rick’s, having commissioned a specific gun so he can use it on his next target. Yep, Kromboupulous Michael is a hired assassin, but at least he’s polite about it.

He’s not just any ol’ hired killer, he’s an alien with no code of ethnics; he’ll murder anyone – children, elderly, the inferred, animals – if he gets paid, they’ll all go down. In his own enthusiastic words, “I just love killing!” Dementedly, Michael will do it with a smile on his face and a chipper attitude. Just imagine the confused victims when the last thing they see is a super nice guy with a gun in his hand.

His life is a mystery, but hints of a possible tragic past may have contributed to his sunny demeanor: before he goes off to kill his latest victim, Krombopulos Michael performs a ritual, then lovingly eyes a locket with a picture of his presumed girlfriend or wife. The implication is that she’s since perished and is someone Michael treasures to this day. Perhaps her death was a reminder for him to keep moving positively in spite of everything, the irony of killing notwithstanding.

Michael should have known better than to hang around with Rick and Morty though, the latter two brings misfortune wherever they go. Michael sneaks into the Galactic Federation and was seconds away from killing a mysterious space cloud when Morty accidentally killed him, landing on top of him with Rick’s spaceship.

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