STATUS: Secondary Character
VOICE ACTOR: Matthew Moy

Lars is something of a counterpoint to Steven. While the latter is kindhearted, open, and confident with himself, Lars is apathetic, rude, and insecure. He’s not the kind of person to make a good first impression, often moody and dismissive to anyone who doesn’t fit into his perception of “cool.” He constantly slacks off at work, forcing his co-worker, Sadie to do everything. He doesn’t get along with his parents and his grumpy exterior means he has very little friends. The only two people who hang out with him is Sadie (who has a crush on him) and Steven (who thinks he’s the best person ever.) Both of them want to get to know Lars better, but that’s easier said than done.

Lars is a lonely, anxious teen. Since childhood, he’s always be concerned with what other people think of him. He used to be best friends with Ronaldo until an incident tore them apart. A wooden panel from an abandoned lighthouse struck him and Ronaldo was there to take a picture. The latter saw it as an opportunity to expose what he thought to be a supernatural phenomenon; Lars saw it as a plague that could ruin his chances to be accepted by others. Embarrassed, Lars ripped up the photo and eventually cut ties with Ronaldo. Since then, Lars has kept people at bay, forming a shield around himself so no one knows of his self-doubt.

He regularly tries to impress the Cool Kids by being anyone but himself, unaware the Cool Kids like him exactly the way he is. In his better moments, Lars proves he’s not as big a jerk as he makes himself out to be; he is especially shown to be sweet on Sadie at times and when pushed to the limit, can be braver than he assumes otherwise. Perhaps one day Lars will realize that trying to be someone else based on what society thinks will further complicate his life. Until he loves himself without fear, he’ll always remain the surly teen we kind of want to smack some sense into.

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