Status: One-Shot Characters
First Appearance: “Anatomy Park”
Voice Actor: Dana Carvey (Leonard), Patricia Lentz (Joyce), Echo Kellum (Jacob)

All Jerry wanted was a nice Christmas dinner with his family, but between the apathetic Smiths and his parents’ big surprise, it would prove too much for the highly stressed man.

Leonard and Joyce Smith are Jerry’s kindhearted parents. Contrasting Rick’s entitlement and callous attitude, the elder Smiths are affectionate and caring. Recently, Leonard recovered from a stressful battle with cancer. Realizing how short life is, Leonard and Joyce decided on a more adventurous course to spend the rest of their days: an open marriage. Enter Jacob, a man several decades younger and the willing participate to their newfound polygamy. Joyce and Jacob would make love while Leonard happily witness the act nearby (sometimes in a closet, sometimes in costume.)

Leonard and Joyce arrive at the Smith household in “Anatomy Park”, keeping Jacob’s true nature a secret. It becomes clear right off the bat that Jacob is just a little too friendly with them, so Leonard and Joyce reveal their new lifestyle to the family. All but Jerry support them, helped by Jacob’s easygoing personality. Jacob is a well-mannered and helpful man, almost too good for this Earth. He easily gets along with everyone and solves problems with a gentle hand. He demonstrates the latter when he guides Summer’s boyfriend, Ethan, to face his anger issues.

Jerry spends most of the episode in the frumps and only changes his mind when it rains blood, caused by a giant hobo floating above Earth. Rich had enlarged the man in order to save Morty and destroyed the body by loading it with explosives after. Jerry may not necessary get his parents’ choice, but he finally accepts Jacob into the family.

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