STATUS: Secondary Character
VOICE ACTOR: Dee Bradley Barker

Lion is every kid’s dream pet: a super cool animal with mysterious powers. Having apparently made his home in the vast desert, Lion met up with Steven and helped him defeat the Desert Glass Gem. He’s stuck around since then as Steven’s pet, guardian, and walking pile of secrets.

His pink fur draws an obvious connection with Rose Quartz, but how he became her familiar is the question. Even the Crystal Gems had no idea their beloved leader had a pet lion and Lion isn’t exactly the talkative type. He doesn’t seem to be in a rush to provide answers anyway, preferring to sleep for hours on end. Steven’s childish whims bemuses Lion, so he tends to ignore the kid most of the time. He may be magical, but Lion is still an animal! Whenever Lion does attempt to guide Steven, it’s usually something to do with Rose. Steven may be a bit of a hassle, but Lion remains loyal to his master and constantly protects and fights alongside him.

Lion’s powers are extraordinary and ever versatile. He can teleport by creating a sonic roar (which can also double as a weapon), can walk on water, and host a portal inside his mane. The last one is important because it houses a secure place accessible only by Rose (and by extension, her son), containing items that are precious to her.

Who is Lion and what purpose does he serve? Well, we may not get an answer anytime soon, but at least he’s pretty docile and huggable!

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