Mayor Bill Dewey

STATUS: Secondary Character
VOICE ACTOR: Joel Hodgson

Mayor Bill Dewey has got your back. If you need someone reliable to run Beach City, you can count on him. After all, he’s such a charismatic guy and people easily flock to him, mostly because he stands out whenever he attempts to draw a crowd. He’s a bit showy, but he always puts the effort to see how the townsfolk is doing by riding in his van, complete with giant speaker on top that repeatedly drones out his name. Hey, how else are you going to know he’s the mayor? Dewey will be there for Beach City festivals and grand openings; he’ll make grand speeches and kiss babies because he’s just that swell of a guy.

Never mind that he tends to hide in his office whenever the slightest problem arises. Never mind that he lies to placate the crowd whenever any Gem-related incident just so happens to literally crash into Beach City. And never mind that he’s so busy with his electoral duties that he neglects his artistically rebellious son, Buck Dewey, he’s still the mayor and he’ll fight for your right…to keep him in the mayoral seat!

Alright, so Mayor Dewey isn’t exactly dependable as a political leader. His approval rating is probably mixed, but at least Steven’s got his back, even if he doesn’t understand the greater context behind Dewey’s political schemes. Mayor Dewey may not be the most competent politician in Beach City, but he’s certainly not as slimy as he could be. He may be an inadequate father, but he still cares about Buck and wants to be actively involved in his life, even if it means pushing his son to help him with his campaign. He’s not cut out for the job, but often has the determination and enthusiasm to carry him through. At least until the next election.

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