Status: Tertiary Character
First Appearance: “Pilot”
Voice Actor: Brandon Johnson.

His surname sounds like a James Bond movie, but Mr. Goldenfold only wishes he could be that cool. In reality, Goldenfold is an insecure math teacher. While Jerry expresses his lack of self-esteem with a heavy sigh, Goldenfold is content to take his rage out at anyone within earshot. He has little tolerance for his students and his questionable teaching method is WAY below the average requirement for a 9th grade class. He can be passionate about his work, leaving one with the impression that he tries, even if he’s got a hair-trigger temper.

Goldenfold’s status as a minor character means he’s about as important as pocket lint, but he was the focus of the second episode “Lawnmower Dog”. Rick and Morty invades the man’s dream to subconsciously convince him to give Morty all “A”s. That way Morty can spend the rest of his time with Rick on their adventures. Goldenfold envisions himself as a heroic ace with TV character Mrs. Pancakes by his side. However, digging deeper reveals his deep-rooted lust for some of his underage students. It’s yet another pile to add to the mountain of issues this guy has.

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