Status: One-Shot Characters
First Appearance: “Meeseeks and Destroy”
Voice Actor: Justin Roiland

“Ooh, look at me! I’m Mr. Meeseeks!”

Hi, Mr. Meeseeks, I’m trying to write a character profile on you. Can you help me out?

“Oooooh, caaaaan doooo!”

Mr. Meeseeks sounds like the perfect solution for your everyday problems. If you have a small task that needs to be dealt with, all you have to do is find a Meeseeks box, summon Mr. Meeseeks, request your problem, and have him fix it for you. It doesn’t take long and he conveniently dies after in a poofy explosion. It’s okay, they’re totally cool with it. With their big, bulbous head, goofy voice, and friendly demeaner, Mr. Meeseeks looks like a happy Sesame Street character. What could possibly go wrong?

Wanting to settle a bet with Morty, a tired Rick hands Jerry, Beth, and Summer a Meeseeks Box when they bother him with banal issues. The girls ignore the rule that Meeseeks can only perform minor tasks: Beth asks to be a more complete woman while Summer wants to be popular in school. Only Jerry remains compliant and asks his Meeseeks to simply take two strokes off his golf game.

Being Jerry, his high-strung personality prevents him from easily achieving his goals the way Beth and Summer has. Jerry’s Meeseeks realizes he’s in over his head, so he summons another Meeseeks to help him out. This dominoes until dozens of Meeseeks have been produced to guide Jerry. Two days pass and Jerry still shows no signs of improvement, exasperating the Meeseeks. Two days is a like an eternity for Meeseeks; all they want to do is die, but they can’t unless the user’s request is fulfilled.

Unfortunately, Jerry doesn’t know that. Realizing it’s a losing game, he gives up and leaves the Meeseeks to their fates. This drives the Meeseeks mad, forcing them to tear each other apart. Jerry’s Meeseeks winds them down long enough to direct their anger to its problematic source. They storm the restaurant Jerry and Beth are dining in, taking people hostage. They threaten to murder them until Jerry gets his act together. Jerry panics until Beth encourages her husband. With her support, he finally nails the golf strokes, impressing the Meeseeks enough to disappear.

Leave it to Jerry to follow the rules and still find a way to unintentionally screw it up.

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