Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance: “Ricksy Business”
Voice Actor: Aislinn Paul

Nancy is an unassuming teenage girl who knows Summer and wishes to be her friend. They’ve met during flute practice, but while Nancy has no qualm on who she is, Summer would rather be as far from the unpopular girl as possible.

Nancy appeared in “Ricksy Business” during Rick and Summer’s party. She approaches Summer for a friendly greeting, but the latter brushes her off in a bid to look cool in front of the popular kids. Even Rick calls Summer out on her behavior! Fortunately for Nancy, Summer specifically picks her to accompany Morty and Abradolf Lincler to seek out Collaxion Crystals when the entire Smith household is trapped in an alien world. Nancy thinks this is an opportunity to finally gain Summer’s respect; in reality, Summer just wanted to get rid of her.

Nancy, Morty, and Lincler successfully locate the crystals, but an alien beast attacks. Lincler was able to fend it off, but not before he’s severely injured. Knowing he’s about to die, Morty and Nancy reluctantly leave him behind and return home to relay a message from him to his creator, Rick.

Eventually Morty has enough and calls off the party, telling everyone to amscray. Squanchy announces the party will continue back in his place though. Summer wants to join, but Nancy had already told the cat what her so-called “friend” did and that isn’t cool in Squanchy’s book! Nancy further berates Summer, calling her out on her shallow behavior and then storming off.

Nancy may have lost a “friend”, but at least she gained respect for herself, even if it took a quest out in dangerous alien territory.

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