STATUS: Secondary Character
FIRST APPEARANCE: “Bubble Buddies”
VOICE ACTOR: Zach Callison

Trying to figure out Onion is a Labyrinthine effort: the mostly silent child with the odd-shaped head is a mystery even to Steven. Onion’s behavior is destructive and callous. He causes no end of trouble for his own amusement and is amoral enough to engage in delinquency, preferably stealing. No one in Beach City is visibly affected by his menace, but when he takes it to a larger scale, then hoo boy, he can be dangerous. The incident in question occurred during “Onion Trade” where he used a Crystal Gem device to multiple a toy that nearly consumed the entire town. His unpredictable nature and oftentimes ominous presence means he’s one of the very few people Steven second guesses.

Once the show expands Onion’s world, Steven starts to notice why he acts up. By all accounts, Onion lives in a very loving home with his two parents, Vidalia and Yellowtail, and his older half-brother, Sour Cream. While the latter doesn’t interact with Onion onscreen, there’s nothing to state there isn’t familial love. However their age difference means their interest is likely going to clash. Top that with his father constantly away for months at a time due to his demanding fishing job, all Onion has is his mother. Though mother and son care for each other, Onion still misses his dad. He’s also lonely, so he fills the void with his ill-gotten actions. Onion’s behavior is the result of a child finding a way to cope in this big, big world. Still, why he chose to do it by driving a moped over ketchup packets is something only Onion will understand.

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