STATUS: Main Character
VOICE ACTOR: Deedee Magno Hall

If you need someone studious to organize your schedule or keep you on a set path, then Pearl’s your Gem. Analyatical almost to a fault, Pearl values intelligence and strategy. She thrives in smart planning and education; the type to plan first before acting. Naturally, she and the brash Amethyst often clash and any defiance of order tends to frustrate her easily. She can be condescending, especially to Earth culture which she often takes as a well-meaning, but primitive lifestyle, but Pearl is a compassionate Gem who is more than willing to fight for what is right.

Pearl is a reliable soul, likely stemming from her time back in Homeworld. All Pearls are relegated to servant class, lowly subjects meant to stand still unless ordered otherwise. The sense of freedom and ability to make one’s own decision must have been a huge shockwave for Pearl and at times, she tends to default to a state of structure that she likely knew and has been conditioned all her life. Her independence is all owed to one Gem: Rose Quartz, the late leader of the Crystal Gems.

During the group’s rebellion against the Homeworld Gems for the fate of the Earth, Pearl loyally stood by Rose’s side. Pearl was an experienced second-in-command, earning her a reputation as a “renegade Pearl” who could easily cut Gems with her skilled sword fighting. She was so faithful to Rose that she readily sacrificed her physical form many times, partially due to subconscious lingering of her past life as a servant and partially because she is in love with her. Indeed, Pearl viewed Rose through, er, rose-colored glasses, idealizing her far more than the other Gems. She was privy to many of Rose’s secrets that the other Crystal Gems did not know and often spoke of her with revere the others don’t even come close to matching. When Pearl’s expectations are shattered, she tends to take it badly, the worse being when Rose found true love with Greg. She eventually had a child with him that ended with her physical form departing. That child was Steven.

Pearl carries grudges easily and this often colors her perception, but one thing is clear, in spite of what happened to her beloved Rose, Pearl does not love Steven any less. She’s done her best for the boy and will continue to care for him no matter what. Pearl often tries to keep it together, but sometimes she goofs up. As much as this eats her, she will continue to move on to the best of her ability.

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