“Log Date 7 3 16.

It’s been more than a year since I started writing about Steven Universe and its eclectic band of misfits. We’ve had heroes, antagonists, and Onion, but none as impish and lovingly weird as Peridot. Peridot is under the leadership of Yellow Diamond and her court. Having spent her entire life in Homeworld, Peridot embraced the indoctrination of their culture and often clashed with the Crystal Gems’ individualist philosophy. She’s an intelligent Gem who relies on analytical details, often utilized through her Limb Enhancers (mechanic gloves and boots that she uses to get around and evaluate.) Whenever she loses her composure, Peridot transforms into a screeching mess who is quick to panic and retaliate with blunt words. Her social skills may be lacking, but she has an insatiable curiosity.

Appearing in episode thirty-six, “Warp Tour”, the elusive Peridot silently approached Earth via the Galaxy Warp Hub. Her mission was simple: check up on the planet’s Kindergarten. In and out, just like that. However, she noticed problems from day one, notably when she spotted a sticker Steven placed on one of the warp pads. Realizing her mission might have been compromised, she exited and returned at a latter date. There she ran full force into Steven and the Crystal Gems, but failed to defeat them.

At some point, Peridot returned with Jasper (her superior) and Lapis Lazuli (their prisoner.) While Jasper was fixated on Steven (whom she believed to be Rose Quartz), Peridot wanted to focus on her mission to check up on the Cluster. A big battle between the trio and the Crystal Gems ended with Peridot stuck on Earth. She spent months constantly on the run from the Crystal Gems until her inevitable capture.

Steven realized Peridot had something important to say and in his usual Steveny way, he gained her trust through his kindness. Peridot allied with the Crystal Gems out of pragmatism, acknowledging them as the only hope she had to stopping the Cluster from destroying the world and her with it! Peridot never knew she’d end up falling in love with Earth’s culture as well as befriending the Crystal Gems. She tried to convince Yellow Diamond to spare Earth, but was instantly dismissed. Peridot got fed up with Yellow Diamond and told her off, effectively cutting ties from Homeworld forever.

Fortunately Peridot has made a decent living since. She’s considered a member of the Crystal Gems, has made a home for herself in Steven’s family barn, and even made peace with Lapis Lazuli. It may not be what she pictured, but Peridot wouldn’t want it any other way. Earth is a playground for her endless curiosity and she’ll never stop exploring.

End log.”

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