Status: Secondary Character
First Appearance: “Ricksy Business”
Voice Actor: Scott Chernoff

Revolio Clockberg Jr. (“Gearhead” to Rick) is a robotic cog-based alien who hails from a world that looks and feels like an 80s Hasbro toy franchise.

Gearhead first appeared as an invitee to Rick’s party in “Ricksy Business” where he spent most of the shindig passionately talking about his planet’s culture, regaling about the old Gear Wars that happened ages ago. Judging by both Rick and Morty’s reluctance, no one is remotely as invested in the subject as he is.

Gearhead has enough of a rapport with Rick that he hid the old man and his grandson when they were fugitives in “Mortynight Run”. Rick and Morty had recently escaped the Galactic Federation after they freed one of their prisoners: Fart, a telepathetic space cloud. Unfortunately, Rick isn’t as close to him as he is with Birdperson and Squanchy, making it easier for Gearhead to betray him.

Gearhead felt the reward money was too good, but he especially ratted them out because Rick kept disrespecting him. Calling him “Gearhead” is extremely racist and Revolio Clockberg Jr. had enough. Rick fights back after Revolio holds him at gunpoint, giving him enough time to escape with Morty and Fart.

Revolio’s still around, but the next time he meets Rick might not be on happier terms.

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