The Rick and Morty comics get a mini-series spin off starring Summer! Out of all the characters in the show, Summer is the logical choice; behind our titular duo, she has the most potential to have adventures of her own. Summer certainly thinks the same and she gets her wish when Mr. Poopybutthole asks for her help on a secret mission, but can he truly be trusted? If this tickles your fancy, consider picking up the comic sometime. You can try your local comic book store or bookstore or official online sites. Amazon, Comixology, and Oni Press are good starts.



Summer is fed with her brother, Morty and her grandfather, Rick. Together, they’ve traveled through time and space, getting into grand adventures. She feels like a third wheel and their boasting isn’t helping. Summer knows she can be of assistance, but the show isn’t called Rick, Morty, and Summer. The eldest Smith child grumbles to her room when who but Mr. Poopybutthole awaits her arrival.

Mr. Poopybutthole’s had a lot to think since his long and painful recovery from a gunshot wound. He realizes there’s unfinished business to attend. Though her mother was the one who pulled the trigger, Summer is the only one Mr. Poopybutthole trusts…to not shoot him. Eager to prove herself, Summer leaps at the chance to help out a friend.

The first thing she does is disguise him (with a bowler hat and drawn on mustache), then she sneaks him downstairs. Behind them is another yellow-skinned man like Mr. Poopybutthole with a camera on hand. The two race to Rick’s lab where Mr. Poopybutthole asks Summer to grab Rick’s portal gun. Using it, he teleports to his home town just as the cameraman approaches the two. The man is a paparazzi and he’s got a photo of Mr. Poopybutthole to share back home. Mr. Poopybutthole smacks the camera down and tells Summer to trust him. Though Summer is a bit confused, she does and follows him through the portal.

Summer learns very quickly that Mr. Poopybutthole is a beloved figure in his home planet and the whole world has been grieving since his mysterious disappearance a year ago!

Untitled Rick and Morty Back-Up Story

Morty needs to research wildlife for homework, but the internet is down. Rick solves this by opening a portal to another planet. The closest animal there is a huge, but adorable red creature. Rick tells Morty to take a lot of pictures for it, but the flash from the camera stresses the animal out. It viciously attacks Morty and nearly gobbles him whole. Rick is less than impressed and whips out his knife to kill the creature and save his clumsy grandson…


Issue #2

Summer is in a city filled with Mr. Poopybutthole fans. In his home planet, he’s a superstar celebrity; nary a soul walks by without worshipping him. Mr. Poopybutthole silently left when the pressures of fame got to him. I don’t blame him, they are very, very, very obsessed with the guy. Mr. Poopybutthole’s near-death experience made him realize that walking out without saying anything wasn’t the right call. He came back so he can tell the public he’s alive and well before leaving his planet for good.

They head to a news station since it’ll be the safest place away from grabby fans. There’s tons of people by the reception desk, but Mr. Poopybutthole reveals his true identity to ensure a spot on national TV. The crowd rabidly approaches him, leaving Summer to play security guard as she beats away the fans. They interrupt the news so Mr. Poopybutthole can announce his plans. The news lady thinks Summer has brainwashed Mr. Poopybutthole into abandoning his celebrity life. Security drags Summer away while Mr. Poopybutthole is forcefully taken back to his agent so that he can continue to make films to appease the audience. If that isn’t a cynical jab at Hollywood, then I don’t know what is!

Summer is taken to space jail, but this does nothing to deter her, she vows to rescue Mr. Poopybutthole.

Untitled Jerry Back-Up Story

Jerry is on his way to get some ice cream until he notices Rick sleeping on the backseat of his car. Rick wakes up and takes Jerry to another planet for something even better: Space Ice Cream! Jerry is reluctant to believe it’ll be the best thing he’s ever tasted until he takes one lick and is in tears from the amazing flavor. Too bad he drops the ice cream before he has a chance to eat it all. That was the last one, too! Sheesh, even when nothing bad is happening, life finds a way to screw with Jerry!

Issue #3

Stuck in space jail, Summer tries to find a way out. Luckily she has Mr. Poopybutthole’s bowler hat which just so happens to hold Rick’s portal gun. It’s in low charge, meaning she has only one chance to use it. Summer thinks of the possibilities: she could use it to bust out of jail, fight her way to free Mr. Poopybutthole, but live with the fact that she’ll never go home, stuck in his world forever in hiding. Summer doesn’t want to miss her school dance, so she considers option two: teleport home and tell Rick what happens so he can help. But that would mean Summer would be pushed out of the spotlight again, so that’s out. The idea of going home and figuring out a plan in secret doesn’t seem to cross her mind.

Summer tries to bribe the guard by saying she personally knows Mr. Poopybutthole, but he refuses to let her out, so she bonks him on the head and grabs the key before he collapses. She dons his clothes, picks up three guns from the armory, and uses the bowler hat to disguise herself. I mean, if it worked for Mr. Poopybutthole, maybe it’d work for her. Well, it almost does, but one guard gets suspicious and figures her out. The guard shoots and narily misses Summer, instead creating a hole in the wall. Summer uses that to escape and hijacks a police spaceship to save Mr. Poopybutthole.

Untitled Beth Back-Up Story

A monster attacks the mall! Beth urges her father to do something, but he claims it’s not “his kind of monster”” and is content to leave it be. Stunningly, so is Beth until she discovers the creature has Jerry hostage. Since Rick still isn’t going to do anything about it, Beth takes matters into her own hands, killing the beast and rescuing her husband.

Issue #4

Mr. Poopybutthole is restrained by his agent, Cecila. Cecila is a few film shy of a complete reel; the woman refuses to let her star celebrity go since he makes her bank. At one point, she literally locked him in the studio when he wanted to quit. So yeah, she’s kind of crazy. Now that he’s back, she’ll keep an even closer eye on him.

Mr. Poopybutthole can’t act on a full bladder, so he goes to the bathroom with one of the security guards. The guard follows Mr. Poopybutthole inside the bathroom, prompting the little guy to ask for some degree of privacy. The guard respectfully turns around. Mr. Poopybutthole come up with a few ideas to escape, but ends up chucking a potted cactus in her direction. This goes about as well as you think.

The guard drags Mr. Poopybutthole out in time to see Summer assaulting Cecila, demanding his location. The guards nearly shoots Summer, but Mr. Poopybutthole dives in to take the bullet. Summer scoops up the poor guy…but he’s alright, they just shot off his top hat. Cecila is mad, the top hat was Mr. Poopybutthole’s biggest appeal! Summer is peeved and shoots the woman, then warps herself and Mr. Poopybutthole home.

Safely back on Earth, Summer asks if Mr. Poopybutthole will be her Plus One to the dance. He agrees and they high-five. It’s prom time!

Another Untitled Jerry Back-Up Story

Rick catches Jerry sneaking in at night with a tupperware under his arms. Startled, Jerry drops the container. Rick scoops it up and opens to see what nasty little secret his son-in-law is hiding.

They’re cupcakes.

Specifically they’re cupcakes with his family’s faces decorated on each one. Jerry had been taking baking classes at night. Rick ridicules him, prompting Jerry to storm off to his room. When he’s sure Jerry is gone, Rick takes the cupcake with his face on it, touched that Jerry made one for him. Aww.

Issue #5

Rick is jealous that Mr. Poopybutthole chose Summer over him for their adventure. This time, it’s Summer who gets to boast. She and Mr. Poopybutthole leave for the school prom. Rick is dead sure Summer screwed up somewhere during her quest, so he uses the last coordinates from his portal gun and finds Cecila with half her head blown off from when Summer shot her.

Summer and Mr. Poopybutthole’s prom time is ruined when Rick drags Cecila in. Unlike his granddaughter, he doesn’t leave things half-done. He may have a point, Cecila is missing a piece of her head, but she’s still alive and furious. She comes with guns a-blazing, a development Rick didn’t anticipate. Summer asks Rick for a gun and has a Mexican standoff with Cecila. Rick apologizes to Summer for being so jealous. Summer forgives him, leaving Rick guilt-free to bring out his own, bigger and better gun…which he totally would have given to Summer, but it’s like his favorite gun, man.

Cecila escapes, turning off the lights to the school to distract them. Rick, Summer, and Mr. Poopybutthole split up in search of the deranged agent. Rick shoots who he thinks is Cecila, but it’s really Mr. Poopybutthole, shot once again on the side as Beth did before. As usual, he’s back in the hospital recovering from the wound and like before, Mr. Poopybutthole request to be left alone. Rick just accept it as is while Summer is left visibly horrified.

Untitled Rick and Mr. Poopybutthole Back-Up Story

A ”What If”” story where Mr. Poopybutthole goes to the prom with Rick instead reveals the two men having a blast while Summer sulks. When they return home, they catch Summer with Rick’s portal gun. Birdperson needs Summer’s assistance, so she happily teleports off with him, leaving Rick and Mr. Poopybutthole stunned. That’s what you get for ditching her!

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