The upcoming Rick and Morty Volume 4 isn’t out yet, but we can still continue with the next five issues. This article covers #16 – #20! This time, Summer travels as a companion with the elusive Peacock Jones, Rick becomes a drug lord, Morty fights Godzilla and joins the basketball team!


Issue #16

Tired of Rick’s selfishness, Morty somehow pushes him into doing something altruistic. Rick takes Morty to Planet Flarbellon-7 to make “space medicine”, if not to prove he’s a better male role model to Morty than Jerry. Summer also tags along to make herself feel better after a bad breakup with her boyfriend, Ethan.

Flarbellon-7 is a deserted planet devoid of sentient lifeform. There lies the Penps, adorable alien seal cubs. They carry a cure-all fluid inside their stomach which is vital for Rick’s “space medicine.” Their skin is extremely thick, so Rick hands Morty a shovel and orders him to literally club the seals to death. You know, for the greater good. Thankfully, Summer interrupts at the right moment when she realizes they are not alone: a flamboyantly dressed man and his warrior woman companion approaches the trio.

The alien is Peacock Jones: ladies’ man, obvious Doctor Who reference, and adventurer. His sidekick is Barbarica, a bloodthirsty fighter. Together, they travel across the universe getting into strange, fun adventures. Jones seems like the coolest guy ever, but it doesn’t take more than a page before the comic secretly reveals his true personality: a sleazebag who wants to sleep with his lady companions with no regard for their feelings. The only way to get Barbarica aroused is through battle, so Jones secretly unleashes Robobros, robots that are total dudebros. Too bad for him, Morty managed to knock down one of the seals which just so happens to crush Barbarica from above.

Rick wards off the Robobros, leaving Jones to quickly sneak off. Without a female companion, he asks Summer to come with him. Still hung up from her breakup, Summer tearfully agrees. Rick is about to stop her making a big mistake, but Summer tells him she deserves to feel special. Even Rick can’t argue with that. He and Morty leave the planet with the seal juice to make the medicine…that will get people high. Well, Morty can’t claim it won’t help some people.

Don’t Look a Gift-Horse in the Rick

Rick takes Beth to another planet for some father-daughter time, but they’re interrupted by bipedal horse aliens. Rick owes them money, but when he doesn’t bite, things get violent. Beth is forced to fight, but killing an equestrian – even an alien one – goes against her code of ethics as a horse surgeon. The aliens won’t let up though; Beth’s hands are tied. As she readies her gun, it triggers a traumatizing memory of a botched surgery. Of all the horrible circumstances the show has ended on, this is one of the best.


Issue #17

Rick gets into a debate about the ethics of owning robots with Jerry and Summer, eventually converting some of the machines into sentient objects, including Summer’s phone. She spends the rest of the issue dealing with the phone’s surly come-ons.

Rick later convinces Morty to help him deliver a communique to his buddy, King Richard, but not before giving him an inoculation, the aliens there are real germaphobes. By the time they arrive in Richard’s castle, Morty is sweating buckets, feeling the after effects of the shot. He also spots a WANTED poster of Rick. Rick admits he and the King aren’t on good terms ever since he called him out on his choice of wife. To be fair, the Queen is a tyrant, having imprisoned her husband and taken over the kingdom. Rick pushes Morty in her direction, claiming he sports every single disease known to man. This is enough to buy the duo some time to free the King and deliver the note, even if Morty has less than four hours before he dies.

The Queen catches up to them once she puts on a suit to repel the germs, but Rick cuts through it so Morty can vomit all over her. The Queen dies a very messy death and King Richard is rightfully back on his throne. He admits that marrying her was the worse and accepts Rick’s letter…which turns out to be a message from Rick telling him he was right all along. Meanwhile, Morty is just lying there, dying. Rick cures him just in time for Summer to approach him about her phone issue. Rick breaks it in two, presenting another moral dilemma: if it’s alive, did he murder that phone?

Jerry Decoy Model

Rick needs someone to keep a lookout while he figures out who the jerks stealing his secret stash are. Surprisingly, he doesn’t drag Morty this time and instead picks Jerry. Since a missing Jerry will only tip off the thieves, Rick leaves a duplicate Jerry Model in his stead.

The Jerry Model turns out to be the ideal husband and father, lovingly supporting his wife, helping Morty with homework, and giving Summer life advice when she goes through boyfriend issues. By the time the real Jerry returns, the Smiths are not ready to give up the decoy. Rick is disgusted at the mode’s high standards because it’s decidedly un-Jerrylike, so he blows it up. It’s back to the drawing board for Rick. Beth, Morty, and Summer are not pleased and takes it out on the real Jerry. Harsh.


Issue #18

Morty is held capture by an unseen gang in an effort to draw Rick out. A defeated Morty tells them not to bother, specifically pointing to the Council of Ricks’ coupon for One Free Morty, meaning he’s expendable.

Flashback to the Smith family sans Summer having dinner. Issue #18 continues from where #16 did: Summer is tagging along with Peacock Jones for a life of fun and adventure, unaware that he has ulterior motives for the girl. That unnecessary sexy outfit should have been a dead ringer, but Summer is too caught up in her own happiness to care.

Meanwhile, a couple of Gromflomite police officers have been cracking down on the distribution of illegal drugs made out of penp fluids. Elsewhere, Rick and Morty are hanging out at a Blips and Chitz. Morty is still hung up that his grandpa is selling drugs. Rick doesn’t have time to put up with Morty’s moral tampering, fishing out the Morty Coupon to demoralize him.

Rick uses the bathroom, leaving Morty vulnerable to be kidnapped by a rival drug gang. Jerry gets wind of this and joins Rick in a bid to save his son. Rick sneaks into the main base after setting Jerry up as distraction, taking down the aliens one-by-one. Rick and Jerry find Morty and meet up with the ringleader of this operation: Little Drug Lord Fauntleroy. As his name implies, he looks like he should be sitting in a corner with a thumb in a pie. Rick lays waste on Fauntleroy and his goonies, killing them all and rescuing Morty…and the drug supplies.

Pocket Mortys

Ahh, I was wondering if we’d ever get a Pocket Mortys comic. A group of unattended Mortys are running for their lives when Rick comes a-running to collect them all. He’s distracted by another Morty trainer who dukes it out with the Mortys he has. This leaves the original Morty to sneak the unattended Mortys to freedom while Rick is distracted. Course, we find out they were Jerry’s Mortys all along. To compensate, Rick forks over his Multi-headed Morty, disgusting Jerry.


Issue #19

Rick has a foolproof plan to sell his alien drugs: go back to Flarbellon-7 where he got them in the first place and establish a hideout there as his base of operation. Using Mr. Meeseeks, they can fulfill their mission to deliver the drugs and quickly die after, making Rick virtually untraceable to police. It’s a good plan for a while, but the cops got lucky one day and scored one of Rick’s Meeseeks. In a matter of time, the cops surround Rick’s base. With his portal gun out of juice, Rick and his grandson are sitting ducks. Rick sics an entire army of Meeseeks to keep the cops at bay while he and Morty escape. They get their salvation when they spot Peacock Jones’ ship nearby.

Summer’s been having a blast with Jones; the numerous adventures has uplifted her spirits greatly. Peacock Jones takes this opportunity to try and sleep with her, but Summer is put off by his actions, viewing him only as a friend. Peacock Jones reveals his not-so-hidden true colors as an entitled jerk who only wants to get into Summer’s pants whether she wants it or not. When he refuses to take ““no”” for an answer, Summer nearly drives a screwdriver in him. Rick steps in at the right time and swarms the dude with a gun filled with bees.

Rick kicks Jones out of his ship and dumps the evidence on him, causing the police officers to mistake him as the mastermind behind the recent drug outburst. Jones is dragged into jail faster than you could say “penal code.” Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Mecha Morty

Morty pilots a giant mecha of himself so he can fight a Godzilla-like beast. Rick and an alien buddy of his are having an ongoing bet on who would win, neither caring that Morty is scared out of his mind. Well, at least he can join Shinji Ikari in the ““Emotionally-Strained-Teenagers-With-Terrible-Paternal-Figures-Who-Manipulate-Them-Into-Piloting-Giant-Mecha-For-Their-Own-Gain.”” Morty wins, but at the cost of a destroyed city and likely millions of casualties. But Rick won his bet, so hooray!


Issue #20

In an effort to impress Jessica, Morty asks Rick if he can make him physically stronger. By sheer coincidence, they happen to be on a dimension carrying an egg that can. Whatever the consequences are, Morty takes the risk with glee, drinking the fluid inside. With his newly gained muscles, Morty tries out for basketball – like Jessica’s boyfriend – and quickly wins varsity. While his parents are impressed, Rick is annoyed because it means Morty won’t have time to go on adventures with him.

Morty leads his school basketball team to countless victories. This benefits Jerry as he befriends a rich and influential man and father to one of the basketball players. Finally, Jerry has someone he can call a friend. Naturally, terrible consequences kick in during the big game. A giant alien wrecks the school gym, determined to kill the jerk who ate her egg. Among the casualties is Jerry’s friend, leaving the poor guy alone once more.

Morty begs Rick to help, admitting he was selfish. Rick accepts and informs Morty the muscles on his arms were really baby aliens nestled inside of him. It’s exactly as gross as it sounds. Rick surgically removes the baby aliens who return to their mother, saving the world from any more of her wrath. Morty wonders how the alien found him from across dimensions. He may not get the answer, but we do: Rick had secretly brought the creature to Earth in order to sabotage Morty’s success and restore the status quo.

‘Twas the Night Before Rickmas

Jerry sneaks downstairs on Christmas Eve to eat the cookies and milk laid out for Santa. Rick stops him before he does something really foolish; Santa doesn’t like it when people take his milk and cookies. Jerry is flabbergasted, Rick doesn’t really believe Santa Claus exist, does he?

To Jerry’s surprise, Santa is very much real and he is disgruntled. He dumps the presents, ignores Jerry’s childish squeals over his existence, and heads for the milk and cookies. When he discovers Jerry ate it all, Santa drops all pretense and unleashes his rage against the poor soul. Rick placates Santa with booze, so Jerry lives to tell another story to his therapist.

Rick unwraps his gift and totally squeals over his brand new toy. It doesn’t mater if you’re eight or eighty, you can still collect toys. What a positive message to end on! Merry Christmas!

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