Oh hey, did you know Rick and Morty has an ongoing comic book series? Of course it does, all the cool kids are getting comics these days. Well, I’m in the midst of reading them and they do a bang-up job capturing the demented world of Rick and Morty. The dialogue and the art are also fantastic, expertly mimicking its TV show counterpart. Each issue is a largely self-contained story, but they connect to the next issue, giving it the best of both worlds.

If you’re interested in buying a copy, you have a few options. You can get them at your local bookstores or comic book stores or you can purchase them online. Websites that sells books like Amazon and Barnes n’ Noble has the volumes and/or individual issues stocked. I personally recommend Comixology, possibly the best place to get comics digitally anywhere, especially if you don’t care to own a physical copy. Oni Press’ website, which officially publishes the Rick and Morty comic, is also an option.

This article will be looking over Volume 1 of the comic series. This covers issues #1 – #5.


Issue #1

Jerry thinks it’s high time for Morty to get a job. Rick thinks jobs are for chumps, so he takes matters into his own hands and teaches his grandson the art of stock marketing. To clarify, Rick teaches him to cheat the system by giving Morty a device that can predict the future so they can use it on the stock market and prove to Jerry he’s the better man.

They head to an intergalactic stock market and meet the gaudily-dressed time police, Detective Tock (the terribly punny name is not lost on Rick.) Unfortunately things turn dark when Rick and Morty’s successful stock market business leads the latter to backstab his own partner. Things are further complicated when Detective Tock suspects the two of tampering with time to get rich!

Back-Up Story: Summer Spectacular, Part One

Summer is an action star in her own back-up story. She crashes into a kidnapping situation, rescuing her love interest in the process. When said love interest asks how she got a burnt mark on her shoulder, Summer dramatically states that it’s a long story. It’s only at the end of the comic that we find out this was all Summer’s imagination to explain how she really got that burnt mark: she accidentally burnt herself with a straightener.


Issue #2

Rick and Morty are tried in alien court where they are sentenced to the deadly Clackspire Labyrinth. Morty is obviously panicking, but Rick wanders around the maze as if he’s familiar with it. Turns out, he built the sucker ages ago and has retrofitted secret containers and exits for his own use. Even the name of the place is an anagram for “”Rick’s Place.”” With his knowledge, Rick helps Morty escape…by pushing the kid into a teleporter that only has juice for one, leaving Rick stranded.

Meanwhile, a dejected Jerry claims the basement and turns it into his own bachelor’s pad. Unbeknownst to the Smith family, an alien insect Rick has been harboring accidentally runs loose and it spells trouble.

Back-Up Story: Summer Spectacular, Part Two

Summer imagines herself as yet another hero, this time in a land of sentient junk food where she’s the leader of a resistance against an ongoing war. When her comrade, a sentient pizza named Greasestain dies, she vows vengeance. In reality, this is just Summer coping with the terrible job interview she had at a fast food joint.

Issue #3

Morty is throwing a fit since Rick’s been missing. Meanwhile Beth is picking up Jerry’s mess in the basement, only for the insect alien to latch onto her face. Summer returns home to find both Morty and her mother violently acting out, attacking her when she resists. Rick manages to save Summer at the last minute and inform her the insect was a Clonerbeast. They take over a body and in turn create clones in a bid to ruin society. Summer contests Rick after, suspicious that he, too is a Clonerbeast. Rick proves he’s the real deal, because he only stuns Summer with his ray gun instead of killing her. Welp, it’s certainly the best logic to determine a Rick.

Back-Up Story: Rick and Morty In: Adventure to Another Universe!

In an alternate world, Morty is the brilliant scientist while Rick is his hapless sidekick. Scientist Morty is a condescending jerk, much like Regular Rick, and he spares no expanses poking fun of his Rick. Regular Rick and Regular Morty decide to take a trip to visit that dimension for fun, but teleports in at the wrong time: Sidekick Rick is in the middle of hammering Scientist Morty to death, fed up with his insults. Even Regular Rick is horrified at what he saw.


Issue #4

Rick takes Morty to a farm in another dimension where he’s been giving orphaned war aliens a home in exchange for minimum wage working on his plantation. He needs Morty’s help to spy on his employees when he suspects them of walking away and staging a rebellion.

Disguised as a new laborer, Morty meets with an alien girl named Daphna whom he immediately takes a liking to. Unfortunately things get messy when Daphna reveals Rick was the one who started the war so he could profit off it. Morty is peeved Rick would trigger something horrendous and initially sets on bailing off-planet. However, he returns in time for the rebellion.

At the last minute, he stops Daphna from killing Rick, though it’s too late. Rick exchanges his final words with Morty before he fades. Then another Rick teleports in. This is the Rick we’ve been following in the comics and he’s here– to take Morty home now that the whole Clonerbeast incident from the last issue has died off. Turns out the Rick who profited off the war was another Clonerbeast. Yeah, I’m just as confused as Morty.

An Interlude with Jerry

“An Interlude with Jerry” surprisingly plays its heartwarming story straight. Jerry has a routine: he wakes up, goes to work, and deals with a family who doesn’t appreciate him. It’s depressing and meaningless and Jerry knows it. In the middle of the night, Jerry spontaneously drives off and listens to music while gazing at the stars. It’s therapeutic enough that he cheerfully greets his family the next morning. Unfortunately this doesn’t stop Rick from spitting insults to his son-in-law. Good thing Jerry still has his tunes to keep him sane.


#Issue 5: Morty and Rick in Mortballs (Cue Music)

Rick is a camp counselor for Camp Camperson where Morty is currently attending. This doesn’t gel with Morty’s reputation: weirdly enough, in Camp Camperson, Morty is a popular ladies’ man. Things go awry when Morty hears a voice coming from out of nowhere. The other boys tell Morty to keep complaints down lest he end up in “The Shack”, a forbidden place for anyone who hates summertime fun. Morty tries to get Rick’s help, but the latter resumes his usual apathy, leaving the teen to solve the mystery himself.

Morty’s summer existence was, indeed, too good to be true: he finds out Camp Camperson is all a dream. Scary Terry snaps him out of it, having hid Morty in The Shack because it’s the safest place from prying ears. He reveals scientists have managed to find a way to harness dream into energy. Unfortunately resources can deplete and the Dreamverse is crumbling as a result. Scary Terry hands Morty his hat as it contains the source of his powers and tells him to kill everyone for the greater good of the Dreamverse.

Morty wakes up after a massive killing spree as Scary Morty and finds out he had been in a coma, dreaming this whole thing up…or did he?

Introducing…Beth And the Beths!

Beth and three other alternate Beths are part of a band performing on another Earth somewhere. They get into a fight after the concert when one of the audience gets grabby. Regular Beth realizes it’s late and departs for home. Turns out she has been borrowing her father’s portal gun, disguising her trips as a “book club” to her clueless husband.

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