It’s Part Two of the Rick and Morty comic articles! Volume Two collects #6 – #10 of the comic series. What can we expect? Rick and Morty in another alternate world with an evil Morty ruling the world! But there’s more! Volume Two has a Balls Fondler one-shot issue and a Blumbus Eve holiday special! If anyone is interested in buying a copy, consider your local comic book stores or bookstores. You can also buy them online such as Amazon, Oni Press, or Comixology.

Issue #6

I stated I’d watch a whole series based on Ball Fondlers, but a comic book adaptation is a decent consolation prize. Attila Starwar, Loggins, Fulgora, and Benjamin make up the Ball Fondlers team. Their latest mission takes them to the heart of the jungle, home to a rebellion headed by the excellently named Normalhead Regulararms. The rebellion has kidnapped the senator and it’s up to the Ball Fondlers team to rescue him. Are they bad enough dudes to rescue the senator? You bet they are!

You know, I expected Ball Fondlers to be a brainless action show made of pure awesome and while we got that, the story was surprisingly surreal. It reads like an Adventure Time episode: characters are chill in the face of danger, Attila spouts nonsense phrases with plenty of rhymes, but no rhythm, and panels are dedicated to dramatic character gestures and expressions instead of the snappy dialogues that inhabit Rick and Morty’s world.

Then again, the entire issue turns out to be a commercial Rick and Morty was watching, so who knows what Ball Fondlers is really about.

Issue #7

In a Dsytopian Earth, a hapless scientist approaches his dictator, presenting a seed fit for interdimensional travel, something the dictator has been seeking for a long, long time. In another Earth, Rick and Morty are having a genuinely good time. Rick has volunteered to help Morty build a soapbox derby, but their fun doesn’t last. A slimy green creature pops out of nowhere and kills Rick. Before he dies, Rick tells Morty to warn the other Ricks, knowing what will come…

Meanwhile our Rick and Morty is business as usual. Rick refuses to help Morty build a soapbox derby as he casually fills a bucket with water for no reason. They’re interrupted by the other Morty whose Rick just died a couple of pages ago. He tells the duo what happened, causing Rick to panic. He informs his Morty that the Council of Ricks have been monitoring a source that’s been killing Ricks quicker than usual lately. The mass extinction is enough that even Rick takes note of the Council’s warning. He’s since prepared, having found a universe that never had a Rick. He plans to hide there until the heat dies down. Out of loyalty, Morty tags along. The other Morty is killed by the green slime creature so we won’t have to worry about what happens to him for the rest of the story. Hooray for resolved loose ends!

The Rickless dimension is the same world run by that dictator. A rogue spots the duo, curiously aware of Rick even though they live in a world where he never existed in the first place. He almost kills Rick, but a mysterious stranger does in the rogue first. To Rick and Morty’s surprise, that mysterious stranger turns out to be Summer! She informs them that they have landed on Dimension 304-X and she’s got a lot to discuss. And discuss indeed, the dictator turns out to be a Morty!

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Morty confesses to Jessica that his life is fraught with peril and dangerous adventures. He asks if she’d be willing to come along in spite of it? Jessica says she will and the two teens make out, but before things get hot and heavy, Jessica spontaneously transforms into Scary Terry, warding Morty off.

The beautiful twist is that this is Jessica’s dream, not Morty’s! Jessica disturbingly realizes she’s got some stuff to work through. Hon, you don’t know the half of it!


Issue #8: Rick and Morty In: A Very Special Blumbus

It’s a Christmas Special, Rick and Morty style! In an alternate Earth, the people of that world doesn’t celebrate jolly ol’ X-Mas, but a similar holiday called Blumbus Day. On Blumbus Eve, Rick leaves Morty to get drunk. It works out though, Morty bumps into a hot girl named Melody. Morty being Morty, he crushes on her super quick. This Morty is orphaned and with Rick away, Melody invites him to her home out of Blumbus charity.

Melody’s family is more than ecstatic to have Morty over for dinner and we soon learn why. Morty is a Blumberflarg, a term used for teenage boys who wander the streets unwanted and unloved. The grand tradition is that on Blumbus Eve, someone scoops up a lost boy, mates with them, and then serve them for dinner. Morty figures it out quickly, but Melody’s family blocks him before he can escape. Thankfully Rick saves him in time with a little help from Mr. Chimney, Blumbus’ answer to Santa Claus if he was a thousand times creepier. Mr. Chimney then reveals a secret that Rick didn’t know he was aware of. In a fit of panic, he tells Morty to run before Chimney gives chase. The End!

The second story (no title this time) involves Rick being visited by the Ghost of a Guy He Once Made Eye Contact With At the Bus Stop. The ghost informs him that he’ll be visited by three spirits tonight. Rick is aware of the cliché and quickly suffers through the story in a staggeringly impressive one page before he learns…absolutely nothing. Surprise, surprise.

Issue #9

Summer takes Rick and Morty to her secret resistance base. The Smiths family have been divided since Evil Morty took over; Jerry is on Team Summer, but Beth works for Evil Morty, the latter with a begrudging need to kill all Ricks.

Summer tells the origin behind her despot brother. Evil Morty was a genius kid who put everyone else to shame. He easily gained power through his tech and conquered the entire world. However, Morty wasn’t satisfied, he wanted to expand his rule to alternate dimensions, but could never figure out how to get there. He figured out a way to send others (specifically that slimey green monster) so they can locate alternate Ricks and obtain their secret to interdimensional travel. By killing Ricks, he motivated one of them to come to Dimensional 304-X. This was all a trap!

Summer and Rick have a heart-to-heart later on. Though Rick denies it, Summer thinks he came here because he ultimately wanted to help. They’re interrupted by Jerry who threatens Morty with a gun unless Rick surrenders. He’s been a double agent all along! Jerry being Jerry though, he accidentally shoots Morty because of his butterfingers. Rick flies into a rage, ready to kill, but at the last minute, Jerry triggers a bomb, blowing up the entire base.

Rick and Morty In: Into the Void

The numerous near-death experience Morty has endured isn’t doing any favors to the boy’s sleeping habits. He seeks Rick out in the middle of the night and admits his anxiety; he has no idea how to deal with death. Rick takes Morty to the garage and hands him a box. Inside it is a…something…that will temporarily cause Morty to experience what death feels like. Morty is worried he won’t like it and Rick’s response is enough of a justification to leave the box alone.

It’s short, poignant, and just a little bit haunting.

Issue #10

Rick is taken hostage by Evil Morty. Regular Morty wakes up in Summer’s apartment, alive, but injured. Summer tells him the war is over and the bad guys have won. Morty convinces Summer to rescue Rick because he hopes; as long as Rick doesn’t tell Evil Morty how his portal gun works, they’re good.

Evil Morty tortures Rick to reveal his secret for interdimensional travel, but the old geezer ain’t talking. Morty goes off on a tangent, ultimately answering the big question nobody bothered to ask: how does the Smith family exist in this world when there is no Rick to begin with? After all, without him there would be no Beth and in turn no Morty and Summer. It turns out, they were never from this dimension. The Rick of their world destroyed their planet, so in desperation, Summer took action and used Rick’s portal gun to take her, Beth, and Morty to a Rickless world (they left their Jerry behind.) This new world increased Morty’s intelligence, so he used whatever little power the portal gun had to send that green slime monster (without having to risk a human’s life on such low power) to cleanse the universe of Ricks. Summer tried to stop him, but their bickering caused them to part ways.

Summer wants to leave this world with Morty, but the latter chooses to save Rick. For that matter, Beth wants to get the heck out with her father, too, disapproving of her son’s totalitarian rule. Evil Morty retaliates against Summer, blaming her and Rick for ruining his plans. Morty steps in and chides Evil Morty, saying it isn’t either of their faults, the universe just hates Mortys that much. Evil Morty and Summer make up…then Jerry accidentally runs them over with a tank. Jerry, I swear.

Rick and Morty return to their dimension where the latter accidentally steps into a bucket of water, the same bucket of water Rick filled a couple of issues back. Rick is ecstatic at the pay off while Morty is just mentally tired.

Jerry+Rick’s Day of Fun

Jerry suddenly leaves the house, telling his family that he has a job interview. He’s actually meeting up with Doofus Rick so they can hang out. They go to Doofus’ dimension and spend a day of fun and games. Jerry is upset when he has to leave at the end of the day, tempt to stay with Doofus Rick forever. As touched as he is, Doofus Rick tells Jerry that his family would be heartbroken if he didn’t return.

Jerry returns, but the Smiths are as ungrateful of his presence as ever. At least he’ll reunite with Doofus Rick again in three weeks.

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