Ep #: 11
Air date: Apr. 14th, 2014
Synopsis: While Jerry and Beth are out, Rick hosts a party – an intergalactic party.

Jerry is gearing up for a Titanic-themed getaway with Beth, though the latter is less than enthusiastic about it. With them away, it means Rick is in charge. Beth puts her foot down and warns her father that the house and her children better be in one piece by the time they get back. Even Morty points out the seriousness of the matter since his mother—the woman who would and has let Rick get away with his behavior countless times before—is the one handing out the warning. Rick reacts with his usual brand of surly apathy. The minute the Smith couple drives off, the garage door melts through and a group of laser eels fly away. Summer cheerfully takes this as the point of no return and decides to throw a party.


Rick also plans to host a party, inviting his alien friends while Summer calls in her high school buddies. Summer gets into a tiff with Rick because she thinks his intergalactic weirdos will screw up her chances of being popular. Morty is opposed to the gathering and tries to talk them both out, but to no avail.

The Titanic-themed park is the kind of money-making idea someone would pull to cash in on the popular 1997 movie despite it being based on a real and horrific tragedy. And Jerry is all over it, ready and willing to recreate famous scenes in the movie with his wife. Beth doesn’t care and is not shy about showing it. If she’s going to have a getaway, she’d rather do it without her family clinging onto her like leeches. She convinces an employee named Lucy to take her place. Jerry is only disappointed long enough before he finds out Lucy is just as nuts over the Titanic as he is. Having worked in the park since opening, she’s never had the chance to participate. Jerry charitably takes Lucy as his temporary date so they can both geek out over the unsinkable ship. A little piece of trivia: previous episodes had a framed photo of the Titanic in Jerry’s office. Yep, the guy’s in heaven right now.


The party is going off without a hitch. Humans and various alien species intermingle quite well, give or take a Floopydoop and a Shmoopydoop in the same room. Since his complaints fall on deaf ears, Morty angrily tries to keep the house clean. He confronts Rick and tells him the party’s getting out of hand. Rick tells Morty that he just needs a distraction to get away from it all and not worry about the consequences. This is really the first major sign that something is off about Rick. Previously, we’ve known him as a callous, cantankerous old man who we assumed disobeyed any form of law and order just because he felt like it. This moment indicates his attitude is more than just what we’ve seen on the surface and that perhaps he’s hurting inside. A major scene in “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind” had a bunch of crazed Morties killing Evil Rick. Before he dies, Evil Rick demanded they murder him, almost as if he wanted this. He was under mind control, but it’s a hint of suicidal tendencies. Does our Rick feel the same? Morty doesn’t know about this yet, so he takes Rick’s announcement as yet another flippant disregard for anyone’s concern. His mood is instantly lifted when Jessica waltz in.


We meet a few important aliens Rick knows in this episode and who will all play prominent parts throughout season two: Birdperson, a bird…person who’s been out of the dating game until he meets Summer’s friend, Tammy; Gearhead, a mechanic man who resembles an 80s kids toy, complete with a garish coloring scheme; and Squanchy, an alien that looks like Bubsy the Bobcat if he really let himself go. He uses variations of the word “squanch” as a verb.


Rick and Summer’s party takes a sharp turn when two unwanted folks arrive. Nancy is Summer’s bandmate and in the eyes of the average High School populace, uncool and plain. Summer tries her darnest to ignore the girl and pretend she doesn’t know her in order to hang out with the cool kids. The other is a little bit more eccentric.: Abradolf Linclor. He’s the result of an experiment Rick was doing to create a neutral leader figure using both Hitler and Lincoln’s DNA. Tragically, it only created a maniac who is caught between opposite personalities of the two men he was molded from. He literally crashes the party in a vein attempt to confront Rick. He accidentally bumps into Jessica’s boyfriend, Brad, rioting the angry teen into a fight. Jessica finds his behavior unacceptable and storms off.

Morty finds her outside the front porch, angrily stewing over Brad’s aggressive need to reinforce his masculinity. All she wants is a nice, sweet guy. Morty takes her to Rick’s garage and cheers her up with a holographic display of the galaxy. Their romantic moment is ruined when they hear strange noises in the closet. Morty opens it to find Squanchy choking the carrot, causing him to back away in disgust and knock down one of Rick’s inventions. This triggers the machine, teleporting the entire house away to an alien dimension. Rick is familiar enough with the place that he deems it safe to party anyway in spite of the giant, tentacled monsters lurking around.


Morty is throwing a fit over this, but Rick placates him by saying he needs to go out and get Collaxion Crystals in order to fix this mess. Rick and Summer both stay since they need to monitor the party, but they take an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by shoving their respective black sheep at Morty: Linclor for Rick and Nancy for Summer.

Jerry and Lucy are having a blast running around the commerical ship, eventually settling down long enough to witness the recreation of the famous iceberg crash. The mechanics of the ship malfunctions though; the Titanic does not collide with the iceberg, much to everyone’s disappointment.

While the Titanic is under maintenance, Lucy takes Jerry to the cargo hold where Jack and Rose made love in the film. Unfortunately Lucy has the same idea and undresses in front of Jerry, complete with the Heart of the Ocean necklace. She asks Jerry to draw her, but when he refuses, she whips out a gun and threatens him. He will draw her and then after, they will perform auto erotic, whether Jerry likes it or not.

At the last minute, Beth knocks Lucy unconscious with a book, saving Jerry. To make up for this traumatizing event, the Titanic theme park crew gives Jerry some of their replica. Jerry’s last minute attempt to recreate a scene from the movie (the part where Jack tells Rose to move on when they’re in the icy water) fails when Beth still refuses to buy into the whole thing. As they drive home, Lucy creepily clings to the bottom of their car, but loses her grip, ending in a very bloody and painful mess for her.


Morty, Nancy, and Linclor locate the crystals, but a two-headed beast attacks. Linclor holds it off while the kids gather what they need. He kills the creature, but is gravely injured. With his last words, Linclor tells Morty that all he wanted was for Rick to love him like a son. Touched, Morty relays the same message to Rick when they return, telling him Linclor sacrificed his life for fatherly love. Rick lamely brushes it aside and uses the crystals…to get high. Then they perform the Rick Dance in the vein of a corny 90s music video. It’s great. Morty is livid, he thought those crystals were meant to take them back home. Turns out Rick could have easily done that at any point, he just wanted to get wasted. Morty has had enough, he demands Rick take them back to Earth and that the party is officially over.


The invitees leave, but Squanchy announces the rest of the shindig can continue back in his place. Summer wants to join, but he turns her away because she mistreated Nancy. The latter realizes how much of a shallow jerk Summer is and bolts. Rick (who is plastered), Summer, and Morty are all grumpy. Birdperson approaches Morty and tells him what “Wubba-Lubba-Dub-Dub” means: it’s not a silly catchphrase Rick spouts all the time, it actually means he’s in great pain. Morty doesn’t believe him, but Birdperson tells the boy that Rick hides his true feelings through ridiculous scenarios such as this one; he’s gone through too much that all he can do is numb himself. However, with Beth and Jerry just around the corner, Morty finally has the leverage he needs to use against Rick and finally end this nightmare once and for all. Birdperson tells him to choose wisely, then flies off with Tammy.

With his parents walking up the driveway, Morty tells Rick to fix this mess. Rick uses a device to freeze everything except him, Morty, and Summer. This gives them enough time to clean up the house and see what they want to do after. Indeed, outside of sprucing up the joint, Rick and his grandkids explore the town, prank people, and bond through various hobbies, ending wih a viewing of James Cameron’s Titanic on their front lawn. Morty noticed the entire time that Rick didn’t use his catchphrase. Rick responds by saying he loves his grandkids, though he doesn’t get too sentimental about it and starts to dance. Morty and Summer happily join as Rick breaks the fourth wall to tell the audience that season one is over.

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