Ep #: 20
Air date: Sept. 27th, 2015
Synopsis: Rick and Morty witness a violent event called the Purge (like the movie), but they land in hot water when Morty falls for one of its natives.

Flying in space doesn’t prevent bugs from splattering on Rick’s windshield, even if they’re bigger than the usual norm. When he runs out of wiper fluids, Rick parks in a nearby planet to stock up at the local general store, receiving a couple of candy bars in the process. The villagers warn the two to leave before sundown lest they get involved in the Purge. Rick and Morty discover the town has an annual tradition once a night where they murder each other so they can sustain peace for the rest of the year. Morty is horrified, but Rick is absolutely giddy to witness a vicious bloodbath from the comforts of his ship. When Morty protests, Rick assumes he’s just afraid to embrace his primal instincts. He spoke a little too soon, Rick only lasts a few seconds into the event before he’s barfing from all the blood and guts being spilled. They’re about to leave off-planet, but Morty hears the cries of a damsel in distress.

Morty demands they save the girl or he’ll tell his mother about this planet. Rick reluctantly obeys and kills the murderous men surrounding the poor girl. Introducing herself as Arthricia, she is given refuge inside Rick’s spaceship until the event is over. Morty attempts to flirt with her, but he’s about as smooth as sandpaper. After an awkward bout of silence, Arthricia suddenly remembers her nana is still down there. Rick is incredulous, why did it take her this long for her to remember her nana? Arthricia’s hesitant response isn’t helping her cause, but Rick assists her anyway.


Arthricia leads Rick to her cabin where she backstabs him, swiping his gun and injuring him. Arthricia then threatens Morty to get out of the spaceship so she can steal it. Though she apologizes, it’s clear it’s not worth much in this world.

With Rick’s portal gun in the spaceship, he and Morty are grounded and thus vulnerable to the angry denizens ready to purge any living soul they spot. Indeed, a group of natives lock onto the duo, weapons in the air. Morty is too conflicted to kill them, so Rick tosses a bomb, disintegrating one of them. He threatens the rest to drop their weapons if they want to live, then orders Morty to pick them up.


Elsewhere, a sheepish Jerry approaches Summer, only for his daughter to dismiss him. He keeps bothering her until they’re interrupted by Rick’s space phone. Rick instructs Summer to find a red box in his garage and punch in specific coordinates to send a package his way.

Summer eventually feels sorry for her father, so she asks what’s really bugging him. Jerry merely claims that he misses their time together since she’s growing up so fast and holding down a job. Summer quickly figures out his ploy: Jerry needs some money to tide him over for a few months. She storms out in response.

Rick and Morty find shelter in a lighthouse, owned by an old man who wants nothing to do with the Purge. Rick only needs to stay long enough to go to the roof and send a beacon for Summer. The Old Man agrees on the condition that they listen to his stories. Said story is the Old Man’s terrible, terrible screenplay. Morty eats the candy bar he got earlier, knowing he’s got quite a marathon to endure.


When the Old Man finishes, he pressures Morty for some constructive criticism. Morty offers a couple of pointers, but the Old Man is quickly offended. He demands they take down the beacon and get out of his house. Morty is ticked at his sudden mood swing and pushes the Old Man down the stairs, killing him. Even Rick is shocked his grandson has finally purged.

Rick and Morty are surrounded by a group of Purgers after they escape the lighthouse. Thankfully the package arrives in the nick of time, carrying a machine that suits Rick and Morty with hi-tech armor and built-in state-of-the-art weaponry, more than enough to kill a bunch of folks whose primary weapons comprise of farming tools. They stand even less of a chance when Morty, finally fed up with this place, goes on a massive killing spree. After they wiped everyone out, they fly off to find Rick’s spaceship, though not before Morty takes a detour to get his aggression out.

They find Arthricia crawling out of Rick’s spaceship after she barely managed a landing. Rick and Morty is close to murdering her until she desperately explains herself. She only took the ship so she could stop the rich folks who run their society and subsequently started the Purge to begin with, forcing the poor class against each other while they get off scot-free. She wanted to end the brutal tradition once and for all. Morty doesn’t buy it and nearly eviscerates her until Rick knocks him out. He then assists Arthricia in getting her revenge. Donned in Morty’s armor, Arthricia kills all the upper class citizens, eventually convincing Rick to join in. Once they’re all dead, the two celebrate with a victory dance on their victims’ blood.


Dawn breaks and peace has finally been restored. Morty tries to ask Arthricia out, but finds out she has a boyfriend. Once Rick and Morty leave, the townsfolk attempt to create a new system, but end up arguing over who gets to do what. Things get heated, so someone suggest they create an event for one day so they can hash out their problems through violence and maintain order for the rest of the year. Well, that didn’t take long.

Morty is ashamed he killed all those people, but Rick assures him that his actions weren’t his own. That candy bar he ate contained Purgenol, a chemical that alters the brain and brings out all the aggression to the forefront. Morty is relieved, but we find out Rick is actually lying to spare the boy’s feelings, the candy bar is 100% Purgenol-free.

The after-credit ends with Beth approaching Jerry over their outrageous phone bill; someone has been calling a man named Teddy Mason. Coincidentally a commercial for Teddy Mason pops up, advertising to lonely folks everywhere to call and chat with a pal for $1.99 a minute. Jerry panics and desperately turns the TV off. An unimpressed Beth coldly tells him to get a dang job.

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