Ep #: 21
Air date: Oct. 4th, 2015
Synopsis: Rick and his family are invited to Birdperson and Tammy’s wedding. Too bad they get more than what they bargained for when the special event turns sinister…

A flesh-covered, bulbous drone delivers an invitation to the Smith family for Birdperson and Tammy’s wedding. Rick dumps the invite in the trash out of spite, but the rest of the Smiths are ecstatic to go. Rick only tags along when an accidental wordplay forces the drone to ship Jerry off to Planet Squanch where the wedding will be held.

The Smiths reunite with Squanchy with enthusiastic cheers. Rick is the only one who doesn’t hide his contempt, visibly upset that Birdperson is tying the knot since he views marriage as “funerals with cakes.” Morty tries to loosen him up, but gets nowhere. Beth takes this opportunity to be closer to her father’s world and bond with him, specifically telling her husband not to blow it with his usual brand of awkwardness. She talks with Birdperson in an attempt to learn about her father’s numerous space voyages. There she learns Rick is currently at war with the Galactic Federation and that he, Birdperson, and several invitees of the wedding are some of the most wanted terrorists in the known galaxy. Beth wants to know if Rick at any point during his exploits ever mentioned her.


The wedding begins with Squanchy ordaining Birdperson and Tammy’s union. After the event, Rick gives a speech to the happy couple. It’s clear Rick doesn’t approve of the marriage due to his own insecurities, fear of loneliness, and losing Birdperson as a friend, but he sucks it up and gives them his blessing. For once, it looks like today will end on a good note, but then Tammy gives her speech…

Tammy is not a high school student and Summer’s best friend who fell in love with a bird alien, she’s a double agent for the Galactic Federation. This was a honeypot operation to get every single wanted criminal who’s been at war with them under one roof. The reality of it doesn’t truly hit until Tammy kills Birdperson when he sorrowfully interjects. Then all Hell breaks loose. A swarm of Galactic Agents crash in to assist Tammy in arresting the criminals. Squanchy tells Rick and his family to vamoose while he distracts them, transforming himself from scrawny kitten to a gigantic powerhouse.


Rick and the Smiths narrowly escape on a catering spaceship. Predictably, Jerry is the first to call Rick out for putting the family in danger, if not indirectly. What’s worse, they can’t return home; Earth is likely swarming with Galactic Federation just waiting to kidnap and torture them until they reveal Rick’s whereabouts which the latter guarantees they won’t know. Their only choice is to find a new planet to live in. After proper analysis, Rick finds three planets within the Mily Way Galaxy that will be suitable for his family, free from government hands.

The first planet is a little too small. It can’t fit the entire human population let alone sustain a family. The second planet has what is one of the funniest, absurdist jokes this show has produced. Everything is on a cob: strawberries on a cob, mountains on a cob, birds on a cob, you name it. Outside of that bout of weirdness, this planet seems perfect…until Rick analyzes one of cobs. He quickly panics and orders his family to get back in the ship so they can hightail it out of here. The joke never emphasizes why the cobs are bad, it just is and Rick’s reaction is priceless. The third planet would have won out except for the screaming sun…and the days last forty-two hours there. Defeated, the Smiths settle for the micro-globe.


The family watches the news on a rigged up TV Rick made confirming that the Galactic Federation got their claws on Earth, now the latest planet to join the Federation. Rick gleefully explores the planet they’re on, discovering the South Pole after a brisk two minute walk. His excitement leads him to a cave that extends to the center of the planet. By coincidence, he’s just below the Smith household. There he listens in on the conversation and it’s a doozy. Jerry is trying to convince his family to turn Rick over, saliently making a point that Rick hasn’t done enough to earn their loyalty; Rick is All Take, No Give. Beth, Morty, and Summer oppose, saying no matter what Rick has done, you don’t back down on family.

This hammers Rick pretty badly. He approaches Morty a little while later, claiming to go out for ice cream. Morty sees through Rick and tells him if he leaves and never comes back, Beth’s heart will be broken, and that’s something Morty can’t forgive. This does not deter Rick, he takes the spaceship and flies off.

The ending of Rick and Morty’s second season is a dramatic departure from the first. Previously, we’ve been attested to Rick’s behavior as a freeloader living in the Smith household, playing by his own rule regardless of how other people felt. His callous disregard for the people around him was explained by his nihilistic belief and severe hang-ups with himself due to the number of bad choices he’s made. Rick keeps running, but he’s trying to fix that right now. He contacts the Galactic Federation, disguising it as Jerry ratting out his father-in-law, and turns himself over in exchange for his family’s safety. The Federation promises and proceeds to rescue the Smith family. Rick has one last drink as he stares at a picture of him, Birdperson, and Squanchy, before he is promptly arrested.

Rick is taken to prison for the crime of committing ┬ô”everything┬ö” with expectations that he will never leave. He finally pays for his crimes, but this ultimately solves nothing. Rick still ran away from his family. He broke his daughter’s heart and earned the ire of Morty.

But Jerry managed to get a job again, so hey!


The after-credit ends with Mr. Poopy Butthole watching the credits for “The Wedding Squanchers”. Still recovering from his gun shot wound, Mr. Poopy Butthole wobbles over to get his pizza while addressing the audience to get excited for the upcoming third season…in about a year and a half. It’s been over a year since the original air date of this episode, so that sounds about right.

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