Rick And Morty – Episode 28 “The Ricklantis Mixup”

Ep #: 28
Air date: Sept. 10th, 2017
Synopsis: There are many Ricks and Mortys in the multiverse. These are their stories.

Morty’s actually excited for an adventure with Rick because they’re going to the fabled Lost City of Atlantis! Just as they’re done packing, another Rick and Morty warps into their verse, seeking out other versions of themselves and asking their contribution for the redevelopment of the Citadel of Ricks. Big changes are coming now that the council is dead, but this does nothing to deter our Rick. Knowing a lost cause when they see one, the other Rick and Morty departs, freeing up our Rick and Morty to head to Atlantis.

But that’s another story.

The episode cuts to the Citadel, currently under major renovation. Instead of the annual improv multiverse channel hopping of the previous two seasons, “The Ricklantis Mixup” is a series of vignettes centering on a few Ricks and Mortys that live in the Citadel. The tales intermingle between scenes, but for the sake of clarity, this recap will tackle each story one segment at a time.

Simple Rick

Simple Rick was a humble man. He crafted woods and raised his beautiful daughter, Beth. His fondest memory was Beth’s birthday where he made her a unicorn container. It was a moment of pure happiness and one Rick found a way to monetized it. The Simple Rick’s factory is known for their delicious wafers, created by hooking Simple Rick up to a machine where it replays that event in order for him to secrete tears of joy which they in turn convert into wafer creams.

But this isn’t Simple Rick’s story. No, he’s just a byproduct of a Rick who works at the factory: Rick J-22, a resentful, down-on-his-luck man who envies the rich and affluent Ricks. Today might be different though, his boss has just been promoted and someone needs to replace him. Unfortunately his new manager is a lackadaisical Rick nicknamed “Cool Rick.” Realizing the system would never favor small fries like him, Rick J-22 goes ballistic. He kills his boss and then in a fit of panic, runs into Simple Rick’s chambers.

A SWAT team of Ricks surround the base, unable to execute him without potentially harming Simple Rick. Rick J-22 goes off on a tirade, angry that the Citadel, once a place to celebrate all Ricks, is now twisted where even the Ricks step on each other for a system they never accepted in the first place. He demands an unregistered portal gun so he can get the heck out of here and be free from this metaphorical prison.

The SWAT team obeys and hands him a portal gun. Rick J-22 unhooks Simple Rick with intent to free him, too, but the team protests. Rick J-22 doesn’t find out until it’s too late. Using the portal gun he pushes Simple Rick in thinking he had saved his fellow jailmate, only to get him killed because the portal gun was fixed to the Blender Dimension. The SWAT team hoped to trick Rick J-22, but ended up unintentionally killing an innocent man. Luckily for them, Simple Rick’s death means whatever leverage Rick J-22 had is no longer applicable, giving the SWAT team permission to take down Rick J-22 by any means necessary.

Rick J-22 is spared a messy death when the owner of the factory – Rick D. Sanchez III – arrives to take him away. He is inspired by the man’s tenacity and gifts him his freedom. Rick J-22 is so happy, he doesn’t register Rick D. Sanchez shooting him unconscious. Rick J-22 is now connected to the machine that once held Simple Rick, forever capturing his happiest moment as a free man so that he, too can secrete tears and keep the Simple Rick’s factory going.

Cop Morty and Rookie Rick

Cop Rick is a fresh-faced rookie who has just been partnered up with a grizzled veteran Cop Morty. In the short time he’s been in patrol, Cop Rick learns quickly that any Mortys without a Rick is a despot wasting space in the Citadel. Even Cop Morty has nothing kind to say about the other Mortys, constantly inflicting police brutality on them.

They’re summoned to Mortytown to check out an incident. Cop Morty questions a couple of Mortys by buttering up to them as a fellow Morty, but loses it when they assume he’s working for Rick and not with him. After all, he’s just a Morty and all Mortys by nature are sidekicks. Cop Morty gets trigger happy, nearly shooting them dead until they confess the Mortytown Locos are the cause of the mess. Cop Rick is incredulous at his partner’s behavior, not yet unaware just how much self-loathing the kid is going through.

They ambush an illegal portal gun bootleg center. While Cop Morty arrests the Mortytown Locos, Cop Rick searches the area for anyone else. He finds a lost Morty desperately seeking a Rick. Cop Rick comforts the boy, but his naïvety gets the best of him. The scared Morty literally backstabs the man. Cop Morty did warn him about the Rickless Mortys, but assures him that he can be a Morty a Rick can trust. While Cop Rick applies medication to himself, Cop Morty destroys the place, covering it up as a “Morty-on-Morty” violence that went south.

The duo head to the local strip club, the Creepy Morty, a joint that’s very true to its name. Cop Rick and Morty meet up with “Big” Morty, a sleazy kid who pays cops to keep the peace in Mortytown. Cop Rick took as much as he could from his partner, but he draws the line at being a crooked officer. He refuses to take any of “Big” Morty’s dirty money, offending the latter. “Big” Morty sends his henchmen to murder the two, resulting in a shoot out. Cop Morty successfully pins “Big” Morty with intent to kill so he can cover up his illegal actions, but Cop Rick points a gun at his partner’s head. He wants to trust his friend and tells him he can do the right thing. Cop Morty shoots “Big” Morty and in turn Cop Rick kills him.

When backup arrives, another Cop Rick asks what just happened. Cop Rick, now disillusioned, surrenders as he cynical replies, “Same old story: Ricks killing Mortys.”

The “Stand By Me” Mortys

In a Citadel school, a classroom full of Mortys are prepping up for tomorrow’s graduation. Once they get their diploma, they’ll be given new Ricks to permanantly live out their lives with. Four classmates – Slick Morty, Lizard Morty, Nerd Morty, and Fat Morty – are discontent with the inevitability of being a sidekick, so they decide to make the most of their time and seek out an urban legend: the Wishing Portal.

The group’s journey take then to a Mega Fruit farm. They attempt to steal one of the crops to sate their hunger, but a farmer Rick chases them out. By nightfall, the kids gather around a fireplace where they imagine the kind of wonders the Wishing Portal might hold. Only Slick Morty refuse to believe it’s anything but a hole and it frustrates him because he was part of a experiment to be as angst-ridden as possible, so he’s forced to feel this way! The other Mortys reassure him that he’s anything but a lab rat.

The four eventually reach the Wishing Portal. Each of the Mortys throw in something of value before they make their wish, but Slick Morty is still convinced it won’t work. Nothing will change for them; no one will ever care for a Morty. He still wishes anyway, desperately hoping something or something will help the Mortys. He then throws himself in.

President Morty

With the Council dead, the Citadel is in the middle of an election. Five Ricks are campaigning for a seat at the presidency, but a surprise candidate pops in at the last minute: a Morty! Yes, defying all odds, this Morty is running and he’s doing a bang up job so far. He’s charismatic, kind, and deeply concerned for the people. Being a largely Rick-dominated base though, Morty is the least likeliest to win. His campaign manager, another Morty, thinks he should call it quits, but it falls on deaf ears. Candidate Morty is confident he’ll blow everyone away during the upcoming debate.

The Candidate Ricks dazzle the crowd during the electoral debate, but when Candidate Morty takes the stand, he recites a compelling, heartfelt speech on what he feels is the Citadel’s biggest concerns: the unequal divide between Ricks and Mortys. Even Campaign Manager Morty is impressed, but that doesn’t prevent Candidate Morty from firing him.

Campaign Manager Morty drinks himself to a stupor for his incompetence, but he may get a chance to make up for it. A Rick in shady garbs slips him a manila folder, containing documents and photos that could incriminate Candidate Morty. Knowing what must be done, he approaches Candidate Morty and attempts to assassinate him. He gets in a shot before security gets to him.

Once he’s in lockdown, Campaign Manager Morty finds out Candidate Morty is now President. He not only survived the assassination, but became a martyr overnight, ensuring his win by a landslide. Campaign Manager Morty desperately tries to tell security that President Morty is not who he seems, but he’s launched out into the depths of space before he could.


With President Morty now in office, new changes are already in affect. Cop Rick is set free due to a new department. The schools are changing their curriculum, leaving the four Mortys to live out a new life in cushy jobs where they can have all the Mega Fruits they want. Meanwhile Rick D. Sanchez III meets up with a group of high ranking Ricks to greet their new president. There they inform President Morty that they were always in charge of the Citadel from behind the shadows, the Council having worked for them. They expect to do the same with President Morty and make him their puppet.

President Morty is bemused and asks how many Ricks feel this way. Most of them do, so he has them murdered right on the spot. The remaining Ricks immediately pledge their allegiance to their new overlord. President Morty makes a sinister speech as we see numerous dead bodies of Ricks and Mortys floating in space, including Campaign Manager Morty. The manila folder he had carried photos of Eyepatch Morty. He was the President all along.

“The Ricklantis Mixup” is a worthy successor to the ad-libbed multiverse episodes. By now, Rick and Morty has settled into a groove. Tired, Morty still keeps his Rick in check because he’s the only one who really can, but “The Ricklantis Mixup” throws another giant wedge on their partnership, even if it takes them to ridiculous allegory. What, if any this, will return to bite our Rick and Morty in the butt remains to be seen, especially if it involves Eyepatch Morty in any way. His plan is still vague and I doubt we’ll get an answer for a very long time, but I think it’s for the best; Eyepatch Morty works because he’s kept in small doses. What an ending!

The after-credit ends with our Rick and Morty returning from Atlantis. They had such a great time there – especially with the mermaids – that they plan to do it every week.

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