So you’re sitting at home and wondering, “Gee-whiz, I really like this Rick and Morty show and I’d love to watch it whenever I want to, but how do I do it in a legal way?” Fortunately, you’re in luck. Rick and Morty is a popular, well-loved show, so there’s a lot of options available. Let’s have a looksee, shall we?

1.) Official Adult Swim Website:

Rick and Morty is owned by Adult Swim, so they have a few episodes up on their website. Unfortunately the selection is limited; as of this writing, there’s only four episodes, all from season two. Rick and Morty is mostly episodic, so you can dive in at any point, so if you’re a newcomer to the franchise, you can catch a couple of them to start off. I recommend “A Rickle in Time.” It does pick up right after season one’s finale, but the episode as a whole works as standalone. Then watch “Look Who’s Purging Now” to at least get an idea of the level of squick and violence and see if it’s to your taste. Don’t watch “The Wedding Squanchers.” That’s spoiler territory, man.

From what I can remember, sometimes Adult Swim does routinely switch episodes, but it’s not frequent. So with the official website so limited, what next?

2.) Digital Distribution

Rick and Morty is also available online to legally purchase and view from the comforts of your computer, ipads, video game consoles, and magical wizard cauldron for as long as it’s up. Given the presence of the ever growing digital industry and Rick and Morty’s popularity, you don’t have to worry about it going away anytime soon. Youtube, itunes, Vudu, Google play, Hulu, and more has Rick and Morty available for you to buy and watch to your heart’s content.

The only con is how comfortable you are holding only digital copies of the show. What if you deleted an episode and then the service you got it from glitched or changed things around, forcing you to repurchase? Worse, what if it’s no longer hosted? That’s the pitfall of digital downloads, but if you’re cool with that, a little online research should show you where you can pick up Rick and Morty goodies.

But if you’re like me, you want something a little more physical…

3.) DVDs and Blu-Ray

NOW we’re talking! Cartoons have a bad habit of not getting the home media release they deserve. The majority of these are kid’s programmings because the company that owns them are generally under the impression that it won’t sell (Cartoon Network, I’m still waiting for those Steven Universe full season boxsets.) Adult cartoons don’t often have that issue because the distributors are going with the idea that grown-ups will buy them since it was targeted to them in the first place; they’re the ones with money, honey.

Adult Swim has been good about releasing many of their content on DVD and Blu-Ray; Rick and Morty is thankfully not an exception. Both Season One and Two came out on separate DVD and Blu-Ray. You can check out my reviews for both of them here and here, but if you need quick info on the Blu-Ray/DVD contents…

Rick and Morty Season One


Season One contains…

*All eleven episodes.
*Animatics and deleted scenes
*Commentaries for each episode by the creators.
*Guest commentaries by some surprising folks. These include Matt Groening and Al Jean from The Simpsons fame, Pendleton Ward and Kent Osborne from Adventure Time, and Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple from The Walking Dead.
*A twenty-minute feature where Justin Roiland gives a tour around the studio. It’s mostly just the creators and crew goofing off. And bathroom humor. Really not worth the near half-hour length.
*A feelie of “The Good Morty”, a booklet about The One True Morty religion dressed up as a Jack Chick booklet. It’s fantastic.
*Ultraviolet downloads from the blu-ray copy

Rick and Morty Season Two


Season Two contains…

*All ten episodes
*Animatics and deleted scenes
*Commentaries for each episode by the creators
*Guest commentaries: this time from WWE superstar Sheamus, actor Abed Gheith, The Howard Stern Show’s Sal Governale, and drummer Richard Christy (who voiced Morty Jr. in a season one episode). The best is Valve founder Gabe Newell and Valve employees Jay Pinkerton and Erik Wolpaw. The latter provides the most insightful commentary, so do check it out if you own this.
*A forty minute feature of the cast and crew having a Rick and Morty themed party while the band Chaos Chaos (whose song appeared in a Rick and Morty episode) plays. Like the previous feature, it’s too long, uninteresting, and feels like something better experienced than viewing. I’m beginning to think these bonus features were purposely meant to be pointless. It’d certainly fit Rick and Morty’s attitude!
*A feelie instruction booklet on how to built and maintain your Plumbus, made in the vein of an electronics manual.
*Ultraviolet downloads from the blu-ray copy

There you go, three versatile options for your Rick and Morty viewing pleasure. Personally, I think the blu-ray/DVD is the best route, but the choice is yours. Have at thee.

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