Status: Reoccuring Character
First Appearance: “Pilot”
Voice: Kari Wahlgren

It’s amazing what you can build with scrap in your garage. For the most brilliant mind on Earth and possibly the known galaxy, crafting a workable spaceship out of mundane items is simply a Tuesday for Rick. Despite looking like a piece of junk (examples include trash cans for thrusters and giant flashlights for headlights), it is a surprisingly sophisticated machinery.

Rick’s spaceship is a highly functional vehicle – his go-to mode of transportation when he isn’t using the portal gun. It’s capable of space travel, can warp speed via highly concentrated dark matter, and has a Microverse Battery that stores an entire dimension of aliens who unknowingly charges it.

The spaceship’s biggest role to date is in “The Ricks Must Be Crazy”. Rick and Morty busy themselves with the Microverse Battery, leaving Summer alone in the vehicle. Rick orders his ship to keep his granddaughter safe at all cost, words the vehicle completely lives by. Whenever Summer feels remotely threatened, the ship retaliates in the most physically violent and emotionally compromised way possible. It has a number of deadly weapons ready to strike, chief among them: lasers that can cut a man into bite-sized chunks of meat and a gestate Pod that can clone any living organism to manipulate its enemies. Its AI is advanced and diverse enough to combat in different, creative ways. When Summer keeps commanding it to take it down a notch, the frustrated spaceship ultimately brokers peace between humans and giant spiders. In essence, the ship kept Summer “safe.”

Rick may be apathetic, but he certainly pulls the extra weight with his inventions, adding his own personal touch that makes life just a little bit harder for everyone else. Only Rick would create a defense system that automatically and literally goes for the big guns first.

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