STATUS: Secondary Character
VOICE ACTOR: Zachary Steel

Do you believe in aliens? Cryptids? The secret your government is keeping from you? Anime? Then Ronaldo is your man! The eldest of the Fryman siblings, Ronaldo couldn’t care more about the family fries business. No, in his eyes, he has a greater mission to fulfill: to spread the real truth behind the mysterious and dark wonders of the world he lives in. Ronaldo is a raving conspiracist and will spare no expanses deducing any crazy theories as the ultimate truth behind everything. He can’t handle a world where the answers are normal, there has to be something bigger out there lurking in the shadows!

He’s also a big nerd, collector of anime and keeper of a blog – Keep Beach City Weird – where he reports his findings and review his favorite anime shows. Ronaldo is the living embodiment of the aggressive nerd: angry, opinionated, and unfortunately delusional. He’s so caught up in his own thoughts that he tends to steamroll over others and refuses to accept anything less. This has the bad habit of him being blind to his own opinions and unintentionally hurting other people’s feelings, most notably when he tried to be a Crystal Gem and ended up appropriating their culture. His obsession with the unknown divided a friendship he had with Lars when they were kids. When a boarded piece of wood smacked Lars, Ronaldo excitedly took a picture, having just witnessed what he thought was his first paranormal activity. Lars ended up ripping the photo to avoid future embarrassment by everyone, effectively ending their friendship. Ronaldo isn’t a bad kid though, he had no idea that Lars felt strongly about it; he’s just passionate about his work.

Don’t tell Ronaldo this, but his wacky theories? They also have a weird habit of being right. Who knew there is such a thing as a “Diamond Authority?” If you want to read more of his (possibly true) statements, check out his blog Keep Beach City Weird. Maybe he truly will be the one to save Beach City after all.

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