Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance: “Anatomy Park”
Voice Actor: Jess Harnell

Rick claims he was desperate, but whatever reason Ruben had, he must be one crazy son of a gun. Who else would volunteer to have a theme park built inside his body? Not much is known about Ruben’s life other than vague hints that he might have served the military. If his animatronic inside Anatomy Park is to be believed, he was also part of the crash in the 90s.

Ruben ended up in Rick’s hands when the latter volunteered to check on him yearly, disguising it as an act of charity. When Ruben appears in “Anatomy Park”, Rick had already collaborated with Dr. Xenon Bloom and created the unusual theme park.

Something goes wrong in Anatomy Park, so Rick shrinks Morty down and injects him inside Ruben. The park is in ruins as deadly diseases create havoc in their path. One of Dr. Xenon Bloom’s crew sabotaged the place out of bitterness. On top of that, Ruben has tuberculosis. Before Rick has the chance to cure him, he passes away. As Ruben’s body decays, the group attempt to escape.

In an effort to save Morty, Rick cuts Ruben’s torso open and shoves dynamite inside. He then flies the man to space and enlarges him until he’s the size of North America. There Rick rescues Morty and the only other survivor, Annie, before the corpse blows up, raining blood all over the country. So ends Ruben’s life. Though unfortunate, he certainly went out with a bang.

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