STATUS: Secondary Character
VOICE ACTOR: Kate Micucci

Sadie Miller is one-half of the duo (the other being Lars) who works and maintains the Big Donut. By default, she’s kindhearted and reserved, but she quickly loses her composure whenever it comes to Lars due to his constant rudeness and lazy attitude. This is further complicated by her romantic feelings for him. Their relationship is rifled in complication though: Sadie wants Lars to open up and get that stick out of his butt while Lars is in denial that he feels anything for her. Though they genuinely care for each other, they have a lot of issues to sort out through first. That sure doesn’t stop Steven though; he hopes those two will eventually hook up someday.

Sadie is an exceptional singer, but while the rest of the Steven Universe cast can belt out a tune without fear, she keeps her talent hidden. She has difficulties asserting herself due to her shyness and anxiety, preferring to stick to her corner. While Lars seeks out companion, Sadie is largely a social outcast, comfortable with only a select number of people. This is further hindered by her enthusiastic mother, Barbara. Always indulging her daughter, Barbara has a bad habit of pushing Sadie to be the best, often to the point of exhaustion. This took a toll in “Sadie’s Song” when her singing talent dominoes into nearly performing for Beach City’s music festival despite her clear discomfort. Sadie eventually lost it and confessed to her mother that she’s been smothering her for years. Once Barbara realized the harm she’s inadvertently caused, the two talk it out at the end.

Sadie does slowly come out of her shell when she’s given room to grow on her own terms. In “The Good Lars”, she willingly sings for a small group (the Cool Kids.) The step may be small, but it’s a big leap for her confidence.

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