Status: One-Shot
First Appearance: “Lawnmower Dog”
Voice Actor: Jess Harnell

Scary Terry is the “legally safe knock-off of an 80s horror character with miniature swords for hands instead of knives” that haunts people’s dreams. Using a dream device he invented, Rick drags Morty inside Goldenfold’s subconscious so he can plant a subliminal message to push the math teacher into giving Morty all “A”s. Their constant interference forces them into a creepy boiler room deep in Goldenfold’s mind. There the dreaded Scary Terry resides.

Scary Terry chases the duo until Rick gets the bright idea to actually hide from the monster. It works well enough for Scary Terry to call it a night and head home. It turns out scaring is merely his job. When he’s off the clock, Scary Terry is a dedicated husband and father and a pleasant person to be around.

However, things haven’t been going well with him lately; Scary Terry is getting increasingly frustrated at his failures. Rick and Morty sneak into Scary Terry’s house after he’s asleep and uses the dream device to penetrate his mind. They find out the monster has his own demons to combat: Scary Terry was relentlessly bullied as a teenager and this has taken a negative effect on him his whole life. Rick and Morty stand up for the Young Scary Terry, earning his gratitude once he wakes up.

Scary Terry pays back the favor by using his abilities to shift between dreams to send Rick and Morty home.

He is later seen hanging out with Rick in the dream world, smoking weed and presumably a happier person than he was before.

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