Snuffles is Morty’s adorable pet dog. His interests include fetching balls, licking himself, and annoying Jerry by peeing on the carpet. Fed up with the dog’s inability to go outside and do its dirty duties, Jerry asks Rick for an invention to boost Snuffle’s intelligence. Rick is reluctant at first because he thinks the request is beneath him, but gives in when Jerry complains.

With an IQ-enhancing helmet, Snuffles quickly obeys his masters’ commands. His knowledge rapidly increasing, Snuffles attempts to communicate with the Smiths before realizing even Rick’s invention has limitation. With his vast knowledge, he enhances the helmet so that he can speak to the family with ease, demanding to be understood. He seems content until he views a documentary on dogs and how humans have tamed them to be their obedient pets. Troubled by this stunning revelation, Snuffles concocts a plan.

He builds himself a giant mech suit and creates multiple IQ-helmets to give to the neighbohood dogs. They quickly commandeer the Smiths house and craft weapons to dominate the human race. Rechristening himself Snowball (because “Snuffles” is a “slave’s name”), he and his posse of intelligent dogs quickly take over the world. The only person he spares any kindness to is Morty because he was good to him. He gave the boy a spot in his place as his own personal pet.

Rick managed to save the world by shutting down Morty’s kidneys and then convincing Snowball to use whatever money he had to cure Morty. The hospital debt he poured into meant losing his kingdom. However, that turned out to have been a dream Snowball had. It did provide him with much needed clarity when he realized domination is exactly what humans would have done and he is not a human.

Gathering a selection of super-intelligent dogs, Snowball bids the Smiths farewell, planning to live in another dimension where dogs can form their own society. Before he leaves, he tells Morty he can call him “Snuffles” if he wants to.

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