Status: Secondary Character
First Appearance: “Ricksy Business”
Voice Actor: Tom Kenny

Squanchy looks like Bubsy the Bobcat if he had too much caffeine, completely with strung out whiskers and a shaky voice. But look deeper and you’ll find an alien cat with surprising hidden depths. Much like Rick and Birdperson, Squanchy is one of Rick’s oldest and dearest friends. And like Rick and Birdperson, how much Squanchy knows about the curmudgeon scientist’s past is unknown. All we know is that at one point, he, Rick, and Birdperson were inseparable. Squanchy also hails from a planet where the word “squanch” is used as a verb in their everyday vocabulary.

Squanchy first arrived in “Ricksy Business” as an invitee to Rick’s party. Like the rest of the attendees, Squanchy was all about having fun and living as loose as possible. However he’s shown to have a code of ethics when he refused to invite Summer to his party because she tried to get rid of an unpopular nerdy student.

Squanchy returns in “The Wedding Squanchers” as an ordained minister. He is the one who marries Birdperson and Tammy. When the latter reveals herself to be a double agent for the Galactic Federation, Squanchy joined in an all-out brawl, revealing himself as one of the rebellion fighting the Federation. Squanchy doesn’t look much, but he’s been carrying a special tonic inside a false tooth. Drinking it transforms him into a bigger, muscular, and monstrous version of himself. With it, he was able to take down a few Galactic Soldiers and Tammy. Sadly, his current fate is unknown.

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