Ep. #34
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Nov. 20th, 2014
SYNOPSIS: Steven accidentally creates sentient watermelon versions of himself.

“Watermelon Steven” opens up with an adorable father/son moment between Steven and Greg as they eat watermelons and try to outdo each other via a seed-spitting competition. Steven wins by spinning in circles and spitting all over the car wash. This has an unintended side effect though when he wakes up the next day surrounded by watermelons that have grown overnight! And not just regular watermelons, watermelons shaped like Steven!

Steven alerts the Crystal Gems, but even they’re at a loss on what to do with the lot. Steven decides to give each of the melons away at the Funland Amusement Park (though Sadie had to be the one to initial the idea that Steven can actually sell them.) With his low prices, he makes a killing and sells them all. Except Baby Melon, of course. Steven has attached himself to the tiniest fruit that he can’t bear to part with it, not even when Onion asks for it. Onion being Onion, he just swipes the thing. Steven’s delayed reaction is priceless.

Onion doesn’t make it far, Baby Melon hears Steven’s cries and jumps out, running to his arms. Steven is stunned that Baby Melon is sentient. Okay, not too stunned since the Crystal Gems informed him earlier that his mother used to create sentient plants as a defense squad. I can imagine Rose used flowers (likely roses, of course) as her chosen army, but it also explains the aggressive mosses and brambles seen in previous episodes. Much like Steven’s healing power comes from his spit rather than a kiss, it’s fitting the plants he unintentionally brought to life happen to be watermelons. It’s just so Steven!


Now that he realizes the Watermelon Stevens are alive, he races back to everyone he sold the melons to and refunds their money back in exchange for them. The last one is in the Fries Shop, ready to be operated on live video by Ronaldo. Steven protests, but Ronaldo slaps his hand with his spatula, earning the eternal wraths of the Watermelon Stevens. Sensing their creator in danger, they start beating up Ronaldo.

Steven tells the Crystal Gems about the Watermelon Stevens, prompting Pearl to push him into the house while they deal with them. The Melons interpret Pearl’s actions as hurting Steven, so they retaliate. It’s Gem vs. Watermelon Stevens and I can’t tell you how hilarious the fight is. The scene treats it as seriously as they are capable of because it makes the situation even more ridiculous.

Steven tries to convince the Melons that he’s safe, but they still fight. Steven doesn’t know what to do, but Baby Melon does. He takes one for the team and punches Steven. The other Melons all turn their attention on Baby Melon and gang up on him instead. Baby Melon is gone, reduced to watermelon chunks. Steven is heartbroken, but understands why Baby Melon did it. He tells the other Watermelon Stevens to not take Baby Melon’s sacrifice in vain and to leave and realize the true loyalty the littlest melon displayed. The Watermelon Stevens obey, leaving Beach City for parts unknown. “Spoken like a true King.” Garnet said. Steven counters, “They don’t need a King, they’re their own Melons now.” …Then he proceeds to eat Baby Melon, earning the disgust of the Crystal Gems. Hey, it’s what Baby Melon would have wanted!


“Watermelon Steven” is too silly of a premise to dive into the moral implication of essentially being a creator-god to an entire sentient species. Granted, said melons have a one-track mind, a likely result of it being another new ability for Steven to master. There’s not much to say, it’s a cute episode with some good comedic beats.

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