Ep. #42
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Feb. 19th, 2015
SYNOPSIS: Steven and Greg needs to take Connie safely home before the winter storm kicks in, so Garnet gives Steven temporary future vision to help him out.

“Winter Forecast” opens up with an adorable moment between Steven and Connie as the two rest next to a fireplace, shoving marshmallows into their mouths. It’s a perfect winter activity. Dr. Maheswaran calls her daughter, telling her to come home before a massive snowstorm hits Beach City. Steven and Connie wish they could stay so they can watch the snow fall together, but the Crystal Gems urge Steven to take Connie home. Steven tries to delay it, but Garnet informs him that he has to make the right choice and then kisses him on the forehead. Also Connie’s jacket is everything and I want it.

Steven and Connie head to Greg’s car wash so the latter can drive Connie home. The Maheswarans have accepted Greg enough to deduce him as a responsible adult and Greg wants to live up to that, so he rushes the kids into his van. In order to spend time with Connie though, Steven convinces his father to change out of his cherry sweater (which is everything, too) and wear something more respectable to enunciate his “maturity.” Connie catches on quickly and as the kids have a snowball fight, Greg tries on a number of outfits he owns, eventually settling on a terrible space-age disco outfit.

Greg drives Connie home (with Steven tagging along), but the snow has worsen since, causing his van to spin out of control. With his car out of commission, Greg escorts the kids to Connie’s house in spite of the heavy storm. He’s trying, guys, he really is. They arrive late into the night, earning the ire of the Maheswarans. Greg and Steven are also forced to spend the night since they have no way of getting home, much to their annoyance. Poor Greg is upset, having failed to be a responsible adult. Steven is fixated on the pattern on his father’s suit…

…then he is sent back to the time of the accident.


Knowing of what’s to come, Steven urges his father to stay put until the storm blows over. The three eat dinner and chill out inside the van until Mr. Maheswaran calls Connie, informing her that he’s coming to pick her up. Unfortunately his driving skills during a snowstorm proves disastrous and he ends up hitting Greg’s van.

This sends Steven back even further to when he and Connie were playing with snowballs during Greg’s dress up sequence. Panicking, Steven informs Connie that bad things will happen if they go out in the snowstorm, so he asks her to spend the night with him for everyone’s safety (whether the Maheswarans agree or not and they most certainly don’t!) The kids race home in time to find the Crystal Gems circling around the Shooting Star, previously obtained at the end of “Monster Buddies.” Their goal is to warp it to the Galaxy Warp Pad to destroy it without risk of accidentally warping themselves (though Pearl brings up a good point that the destruction of the hub won’t stop Homeworld from coming.) Pearl gets distracted when Steven calls out for them, causing the object to drop and blow up the entire house.

Steven wakes up to just after Garnet kissed him. Turns out all that “time traveling” he did were various future visions he just had. Garnet had temporarily given him her powers so he’d see what could happen and make the right decision in accordance to it. Steven takes Connie to his father who instantly drives them over to the Maheswarans’ house before the weather gets too risky. The Maheswarans are happy to see their daughter safe and further grateful for Greg’s services. With the snow getting worse, the two happily invite Steven and Greg to spend the night because it’s safer that way.

Steven and Connie do get to see the snow together that night.


Though it’s only been a mere three episodes since Steven knew about Garnet’s future vision, he’s proven mature enough to handle the ability without worrying about what’s to come. This is a good example of introducing a power and bringing it back up a scant number of episodes later without it feeling like Steven needed more time to adjust to it. He’s still in a state of panic from what he’s seen, but actively gets his head in the game and responds according to the upcoming situations. Not to mention Steven had over forty episodes to gradually develop as a character; his decisions make sense to him at this stage.

“Winter Forecast” invites us to dive into Greg’s issue as well. The Maheswarans are the definition of responsibility and safety (a little too much, if you ask me) and accepts no substitute for slackers and bad behaviors. Greg isn’t what you’d call the ideal parent, what with living in a van and raising a child who doesn’t even go to school. It’s through context that you see an amazing father who is physically and emotionally available to Steven and how healthy their relationship is because of it, but the Maheswarans has standards he doesn’t fit in and his lifestyle means he’s a bit of a loose figure. You can see where Steven got his big fun attitude from as Greg is willing to mess around just as much, but he’s been a parent long enough to realize when to get serious, even if his decisions aren’t always sound. I like that he knows he is an authority figure and that he tries, even if doesn’t always work out.

Even Connie has a character moment where she’s willing to risk her parents’ concerns and wrath in order to spend time with Steven. Early Connie would likely have never done such a thing, too afraid of what mom and dad might say or do.

“Winter Forecast” isn’t tantalizing by any means, but there’s plenty of cute interactions between Steven and Connie and ultimately serves as a nice breather episode that affords the cast to show how far they’ve all come.

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