Ep. #49
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Apr. 10th, 2015
SONG: Yes, “Lapis Lazuli” and “Wailing Stone”
SYNOPSIS: The Crystal Gems reluctantly accept Greg’s help to decipher a message from beyond.

Greg entertains Steven with a new song titled “The Water Witch”, itself inspired by Lapis’ ocean takeover back in “Ocean Gem.” Greg hands Steven an electric guitar so they can jam together, but the kid has trouble getting it to work. Turns out he plugged the cord into the video jack, not audio. Greg knows a thing or two about old musical equipment, something that flies over Steven’s head. Greg then sings the lyrics to “The Water Witch”, belting out about Lapis and what a mean person she was. Steven steps in to clarify her true intent and offers a different set of lyrics that doesn’t demonize her.


Their jam session is interrupted by an even bigger sound. Greg thinks it’s Gem stuff and since he doesn’t want to be a bother, it’s up to Steven to see what’s happening. It’s the Wailing Stone: a Gem object the Crystal Gems found back during “Rose’s Room”. It activated all of a sudden, producing a loud, deafening screech that no amount of bubbling or turning off can fix. The best the Crystal Gems managed to do is shove couch cushions inside and around it to muffle the sound. They theorize that someone from space is sending a message through the Wailing Stone, but instead of a voice, all they get is that annoying wail. Pearl figures Homeworld tech has advanced so much that the Wailing Stone has become outdated, hence the horrible sound. Steven has an idea! Who knows a thing or two about audio? His daddio!

Greg is thrilled that he gets a chance to help out the Crystal Gems. Pearl isn’t sure his analog device is compatible with alien tech, but it doesn’t hurt to try. After alternating sound pitches, Greg is getting somewhere as the wailing starts to sound like music, then hints of a voice reaching through. Before they can solve the mystery, Greg’s car battery shorts out, preventing any of his equipment from working. Pearl dismiss Greg’s attempt; as condescending as it always has been with her. Garnet at least thanks him for his help! The Crystal Gems takes the Wailing Stone to try and find another way.

Dejected, Greg takes his guitar and sings about his woes: he was so excited for the Gems to see what he could do, but when it didn’t pan out, the Crystal Gems just up and left him without a second thought. Greg thinks highly of the trio, but they don’t really think much of him at all. It’s been a sour spot for the Crystal Gems and Greg, both hinted and stated over the course of the show. With exception, Greg has largely kept himself apart from any Gem matters, partially out of fear, but mostly because he really felt like he had nothing to offer. While the Crystal Gems have mixed feelings on how they perceive human culture, Greg is never really given the opportunity to show what he’s made of. This is especially noteworthy because Pearl chides Greg for his inferior human tech, unwilling to accept that it can match up to Gem devices, an irony that she doesn’t seem to connect with the Wailing Stone’s obsolete datedness compared to what Homeworld Gems have now.


Steven tries to cheer up his old man, then has a lightbulb moment: the message may not be audio, it may actually be video! They inform the Crystal Gems, but it’s only after Garnet pitifully tells him he did his best does Greg finally put his foot down. They never give up on anything, except when it comes to him! He convinces them to give him a second shot. Luckily, this time it works: the video footage reveals the message came from Lapis Lazuli! She sent a warning to Steven, telling him that someone is coming for him and she’s not alone. Homeworld has changed since Lapis returned home with tech even she can’t understand. With the advancements Homeworld has made, Lapis urges Steven not to fight back as it’d only end in tears; Earth cannot handle whatever the Homeworld Gems has. The message ends.

They conclude that Peridot must be coming and with backup this time. Everyone panics until Garnet sighs in relief. They got the message, their mission is complete. Obviously this is Garnet’s way of calming everyone down. She approaches Greg and genuinely thanks him for his hard work. Greg is in tears, so grateful that he finally got praise from the Crystal Gems. But that’s only a minor issue in the grand scheme of things…

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